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The Covid-19 Vaccine: A Trojan Horse?

Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 2 weeks ago

I want to share with you some thoughts on what a Covid-19 vaccine might be used to accomplish in light of end time prophecy.  If we look at the way that things are now with a view toward what the Bible describes that they are going to become, a mandatory vaccine of sorts could well provide the path there.

All of the conflicting information that we’re being told about the virus is designed to portray it as something that can’t be conquered except through a vaccine; and that’s the ultimate goal of the virus, a vaccine that’s required in order to return to normalcy.  Since this new virus will require the countermeasure of a vaccine, it will also be necessary to track who has been vaccinated or not so that they can be allowed to engage safely in social gatherings.  The vaccine will be seen as the only viable way back to a normal society.

Since we can’t rely on our government or the media to tell us the truth about what’s going on, we have to look at where we know things are headed.  According to biblical prophecy, there will come a time when everyone will be required to have a mark on their right hand or forehead in order to be able to buy or sell anything.  Could the vaccine be used as a cover to inject a person with quantum dots or some other technology that hasn’t yet been revealed in order to facilitate the future functionality of the mark?

There is a reason why the virus is being characterized as unlike anything we’ve seen before.  Knowing the wickedness of men’s hearts and what the future holds, be very wary of any vaccine that precipitates from Covid-19, especially if it has the ability to identify you as vaccinated.  There may well be an unwanted payload in it.

My biggest issue this entire time with the virus is that everyone has somehow forgotten the last 2000 years of medical information. Suddenly we don't have any idea how viruses work or how the human body handles threats. As it is I am dealing with a situation with my work wanting to make testing mandatory. I am trying to find how legally I can avoid this right now.
1 week ago