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End Time Prophecy / Readiness

Covid-19: Medical Witchcraft

Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 1 month ago

In Revelation 18:23 we read the following concerning Babylon:

For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.

Babylon, in a general sense, is a term used to refer to the influence of Satan’s kingdom on the human race.  The forces of wickedness are using the great merchants, the wealthy elite, to deceive the nations through sorcery, or witchcraft.  The Greek word that’s translated sorcery is the same word that we get our word pharmacy from, pharmakeia.  In other words, the wealthy elite are deceiving the nations through their medical witchcraft.  This is what we are seeing with Covid-19 and the false narrative surrounding it.  Do not go where the deceivers are leading (vaccine and ultimately the mark).  Trust in the Psalm 91 promises of God.


That is some  excellent gravy Thank you for connecting those dots. 

1 week ago