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Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 1 month ago

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the quantum financial system (QFS) and the moral aspect of it that is referred to as NESARA so I decided to do some digging.  NESARA stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act while GESARA is the same but is Global in scope.

The QFS is presented as the alternative to the perpetual debt slavery of the central banking system.  It uses asset-backed digital currency to operate and is decentralized through the use of distributed ledger technology.  A quick internet search will provide more details for those so inclined.  The aspect that I find intriguing is that it is designed to replace the central banks.

NESARA / GESARA spells out the changes that will take place through the QFS. It provides for debt forgiveness and abolishes income tax in favor of a modified sales tax among other things. It releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes and seeks to establish world peace.  This new system is being portrayed as one of justice, truth, and light that will replace the corruption, deception, and darkness associated with the central banking system.

When we look at Revelation 17, we see a harlot riding a beast.  The harlot represents apostate Israel, those Jews who are of the synagogue of Satan, those who do his will.  The beast is an evil spirit being who is in charge of bringing about a global new world order that will come under the control of the man of sin.  The harlot and the beast are two different evil entities both with global aspirations, however only one will prevail.  At the end of chapter 17 is a description of the harlot’s destruction at the hand of the beast and his ten horns.

The QFS is aiming a kill shot at the harlot by making the central banking system obsolete.  Already, her influence is eroding as her wickedness is being exposed.  People in the U.S. and around the world are starting to wake up to the undue influence that she has been exercising for decades now in the areas of politics, military, intelligence, finance, news and social media, entertainment, etc.  Her involvement in human trafficking is also starting to come to light (Revelation 18:13). 

There aren’t many specifics on how the average person will interact with this new financial system.  From what I’ve been able to gather, it runs on a network of photonic computers based on a number of GPS satellites.  It uses GPS to authenticate transactions and is activated by DNA frequency.  How that takes place, I don’t know but if it uses some DNA property to uniquely identify people, that could well lead to the mark we read about in Revelation 13.

From a prophetic standpoint, the QFS fits.  Its role in taking down the harlot and the evil associated with the central banking system will earn it a righteous reputation that will gain wide acceptance.  In fact, many people see it as more than just a banking system.  They refer to it in terms of a spiritual awakening or enlightenment, a collective consciousness.  And I’m sure that many people who support the QFS are convinced of the merits of its stated goals but without the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is a spiritually bankrupt system.  People can extol its virtues and couch it in godly terms all day long but without the gospel, which is the power of God, it merely has the appearance of godliness (2 Timothy 3:1-5).  Should it come to fruition as such, be wary of embracing it.

According to those people who claim to be in the know about the QFS, it could be rolled out any day now.  There are even suggestions that it has already been rolled out and is quietly running parallel with the existing SWIFT system.  Unless we’re being given bad information, we should start seeing evidence of it in the not too distant future. 









1 month ago

Thanks. A woman goipng bythe name “Probably Alexandra” on youtube covers this is a part of the puzzle of what is the strong delusion. Something that would bring such a financial windfall to average folks will certainly cause most of them to be caught up in the delusion.

1 month ago

There is certainly a deception to it.  While the “white hats” might liberate us from debt slavery, end child trafficking and expose other harlot wickedness, that doesn't in and of itself make them righteous.  It's simply them replacing a disgusting ungodliness with one more palatable.  Always remember . . . the false messiah will appear before Jesus does.