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Of Black Hats and White Hats

Started by Watchman Bear in End Time Prophecy / Readiness 3 months ago

Satan is the god of this world and the geopolitical winds that blow in the natural realm result from what his kingdom is allowed to do in the spiritual realm.  Daniel 10 is a good illustration of this.  It describes evil angel “princes” and the world kingdoms they caused to rule, namely Persia and Greece.  The same is true today.  An evil angel is influencing the world to bring about a global kingdom.  He is known as the beast with ten horns and can be seen in Daniel 7, Revelation 13, and Revelation 17.  He and his ten horns are the primary reason we see a push toward globalism.

What we are witnessing today ties into Revelation 17.  The beast and his ten horns are starting to turn against the harlot.  This is being widely portrayed as a conflict between the black hats and the white hats.  The harlot, who is a picture of apostate Israel, is seen as the black hats because of its involvement in certain nefarious activities.  The beast and his ten horns are opposing the evils of the harlot so by contrast, they are referred to as white hats.  This portrayal is deceptive though because the harlot and the beast with ten horns are both evil entities.  The white hats are in reality just another brand of evil.

Eventually, as Revelation 17 describes, the harlot will be destroyed.  It is a false hope to think that her destruction will usher in some sort of panacea.  In fact, it will lead to a time of war and great tribulation.  Trust only in Jesus as your savior.  Persevere in the truth.  Every eye will see Him when He returns.