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Northern Rocky Mountain Bears

Let's have a summer meet up.

Started by MontanaBear in Northern Rocky Mountain Bears 1 week ago

   Howdy mountain men and women.  Anyone interested in a get to this summer? My thoughts are a hike or a campground by a river or lake.  Fridays or Saturdays are best for me. If anyone else has an idea that works better for them feel free to put it on the table.

Sounds awesome, work is super unpredictable for me, so whenever something gets set in stone I will try to make it if I can. 
1 week ago

I am most definitely interested but I'll be out of the area for most of July and early August.  

August 14/15 or 21/22 are the best weekends for me. 

6 days ago
Right on guys. Let's shoot for the 21st of August.  Location TBD
2 days ago