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Atlantic Canada Bears - NB, NS, PEI, Nfld

Maritimes!? More like Bearitimes!!

Started by Martyn Grant in Atlantic Canada Bears - NB, NS, PEI, Nfld 2 months ago

Here we are bears, Atlantic Canada,

1022bear here, reporting from Fredericton, NB.

I'm looking for potential collaborators in homesteading, business, and crushing.  Next week I will be looking at a 104 acres slice of Beartaria in SW Nova Scotia.  It has ocean and lake front access as well as a river running through the middle.  The modest price of this land is within grasp but it will take more than my wife and I (and our 11 day old baby) to build and grow a thriving community.  That's where the bears come in! Ideally, we would be looking for 3 to 4 families who want to live off grid by their own wits and design.  I have been researching alternative construction techniques and will be doing a variation of the earthship model as a dwelling, greenhouse, and template for repeating anywhere else, especially on the property.   We aim to have an un-grabbled-as-possible existence.  The property tax is somewhere around $100CDN or something as ridiculously low.   Will be updating this after I get back from there on the 22nd!  Wish me Luck!!!!

1022 Bear

This may be the opportunity God has been leading me to.

So I started my journey back to Nova Scotia, for my grandma initially, no one else left in the province. I'm still going, staying in a shared rented house in Halifax, I move in a week (the 18th).

But when I called my Nan to tell her of my updated flight plans (already got cancelled once by the gov't) she tells me she's flying to Toronto to stay with my parents now. Too scared to leave.

So now I'm just moving there to restart my life, and this couldn't be better timing. I'm just a solo man with little material wealth, but a workaholic and God fearing man. I have some silver and a bit of savings. I have had long-term plans of buying land myself and building on it, 14th century English style. Likely a Yurt for an interim place to live while building.

My career while kind of on a standstill now (moving takes time to pack and get ready) is that of a video game developer and freelance artist/programmer. I just need internet now and then to upload files and stay connected to the community.

Anyway count my vote in, this sounds like exactly what I needed.

2 months ago

Hey Martyn

That sounds like an awesome plan!  If I were younger I'd consider it, but for now I'm staying put in NB.  Are you still up around Freddytown?  ~Callie

1 month ago

yea the NS plan is scrapped, should I delete the message?

I found my 1/2 acre at a price I can afford, surprisingly, in Nackawik.

I'm currently in Fredericton.

1 month ago

I'm also looking at land  around the Fredericton area.

1 month ago
hi Werdy!  tell me about yourself!!
1 month ago

Just a regular fella.

Starting a garden or anything?

1 week ago