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Pacific Northwest Bears

For Bears in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska. Idahoans welcome too!

Contact person(s) : Seventh_Jim

141 25 2 PNW Oregon Washington British Columbia

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I know you're out there. Give a shout out. I travel all over this beautiful province. (Although I tend to be somewhere in the kootenays most of the time) 
Started by Christobear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 day ago
The clown world is getting kind of old. We'd like to meet some Central Oregon Bears to meet up, share garden advice, work on projects and share gravy.
Started by Lava Bear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 week ago
If you're in the Spokane, Coeur d'Alene area, let's do a meetup. I'm in Post Falls. I'm a tradesmen, I'm interested in connecting with other tradesmen or just anyone into gravy and crushing.FramerBear
Started by FramerBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 3 weeks ago
Any bears in Western Washington and down to hangout?
Started by John Musha in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago
Hello PNW Bears! I'm new to the Bear community and looking to meet with other bears. There's a couple BBQ pits at Gasworks park in Seattle and I'd love to host before the cold months really set in,...
Started by Ryleigh Hartung in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago

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