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BBQ meet up Oregon

Started by Copperbear in Pacific Northwest Bears 1 month ago

Hello fellow PNW bears!

I am hosting a bear BBQ and would love to meet fellow bears before I sell my home.

September 12, 2020 

Springfield, OR

I have a pool and trampoline for the kids. It will be awesome to have people attend and get aquainted with the bear community.

Please RSVP. 

Hello CopperBear! I live near Seattle but would love to come down and visit with other bears before you sell your house. My brother is currently looking for a house in eastern Washington so I don't know how much longer I will be in the area, but as of now I will mark it on my calendar.
1 month ago
Awesome! Spread the word if you know other bears in the PNW
1 month ago
Awesome! I will be there for sure!
1 month ago

Hey. I can be there. Im in eugene so I shouldn't have any problems making it.  Let me know what all I need to do.

4 weeks ago

Sweet! @Magmabear  I will message you when the time comes.

@seventh-jim  awesome my friend. 

I have a bear coming over to help out beforehand. 


3 weeks ago
Hey copper bear ! I’m hanging out in the northwest and would love to meet other bears . 
3 weeks ago

Yay! I will get invites sent out tomorrow. Happy to host you. Potluck style, so bring your favorite potluck meal.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

3 weeks ago

I am postponing this meet up until everything has settled with the fires. I will keep you posted on when the meet up will be. 

Hope all your families are safe. God be with you!

2 weeks ago
Maybe I can make it down to Springfield,  if its on a weekend. I will check back later!
1 week ago