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Looking for Central Oregon Bears

Started by Lava Bear in Pacific Northwest Bears 5 months ago
The clown world is getting kind of old. We'd like to meet some Central Oregon Bears to meet up, share garden advice, work on projects and share gravy.
5 months ago


I work seasonally  in North Idaho but grew up in central Oregon and will be back down there this winter. Would love to try and meet up some time.

5 months ago

Great. We saw Owen in Sandpoint and have some friends who live up there.

This whole Corona Bean is making it clear that there are very few people we can talk to about anything meaningful.

We live on the East side of Bend in our home with gardens and a greenhouse plus a few chickens.

Please let us know when you're headed our way.

Patrick and Katie

5 months ago

Nice, yep I hear ya.

Nice the good side of bend. I’m from Prineville so not to far, I’ll give you a shout when I move back down.


4 months ago


I live in the Bozeman area in Montana.  But my parents have a ranch in Prineville.  I am usually there for a few weeks in October/November.  I would be able to meet up if anyone is interested then.

The mask compliance is very high in Bozeman (college town).  

My garden has been a bit sad this year (first real attempt at my Condo), but getting some tomatoes.  Trying to save money to buy land.  Hoping for success Elk hunting this year.


4 months ago

I can drive around from Salem to Albany and it would be awesome to join up for a barbecue or watch some comedy.

Wishing you guys the best on your homesteading success! 
4 months ago

Hi MTGrizbear,

We just drove through Prineville this past weekend on our way to look at some land near John Day. We''re keeping a look out for some land in the country with a little more space.

Drop us a line next time you're out this way. Maybe we'll live in Prineville by then.

Also, I have family in Helena, MT. I love going out there.

Patrick and Katie

2 months ago

Hi Lava Bear,

I am going to be in central Oregon for a week starting tomorrow.  Let me know if you want to meet up.

-- Carl

2 months ago

Hey Carl

Where are you staying? Are you here for work or vacation?

Give a call or text if you want.



2 months ago

Hey Lava Bear!

Just joined this group here on Bearvibe. Very blessed to find that there are other Bears here in Bend. I live in Bend over on the West Side of town in Broken Top, and boy is this mask nonsense and CORVID-33 nonsense getting old. I mean it was already old back in March.

Only 21 years of age and actually still living with the family. No homestead over here of course, but it certainly is a goal of mine and the families in the future.

Have some woodworking experience, but I'm definitely no expert, just getting started with it actually. 

Would be down to meet up and maybe learn somethings about gardening, greenhouses, etc, and most of all - talk some serious Gravy!

If interested, feel free to contact me at one of the two:


Thank You,