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Anyone looking to pitch in & buy property?

Started by BassDrumBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 2 weeks ago

All the apartments I try and move into have had poor luck. There are too many people applying for 1 apartment so there's a shortage of available units.

My friend is buying some acreage and pitching in with friends, to divide it and build their own homes. If these non-bears can do it then why not try asking the bears??? I'm not asking for much at this point, just if anyone wants to look into if it's possible, lets talk and crush some numbers. 

1 week ago

What area would you be interested in? Are you looking for just a place to live? to homestead?

6 days ago

I'm down to purchase land in stanwood, wa area…

2 days ago

Hey guys thanks for responding. I'm looking in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. I tagged those for this thread but I don't see any way to view tags. 

If a few people are interested for sure, then we can look up some property for sale. Discuss what our incomes are, and see if we can agree on location and amount of acreage. There's no rush on this, but I hope we can get a plan together sometime this year, or even next year.