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Rain Sleet or Snow, the work never slows.

Started by ClackamasRiverBear in Pacific Northwest Bears 2 weeks ago

Rain sleet or snow, the work never slows. A new storage container to get more of my shop back. Like a hardware store, when done, all materials will be organized by categories of shelving. Already built shelves will go in after a week or two for settling and final leveling, as the pics show, (Axel is scratching his back on my free carpet as a geo-textile fabric)  The carpet keeps the materials above the soil, is topped with 1.5” of drain rock then 10 inches of  3/4” minus crushed concrete. the crushed concrete came with lots of water. Like concrete work, the more you work it the fines and water rise. This will set up hard like a rock. Long days of hard work are so rewarding. Now if I can get some freezing temperatures I can get to the forest and the 20 or so 150’ + Doug Firs the last windstorm blew down. Any local Bears love chainsaw work and trucks full of firewood as payment? Better still any Bears with a portable mill, I need some 30’ beams for my shop pop out build? $75 an hour or log for log trade?

2 weeks ago

Axel on up cycled carpet 

2 weeks ago

Container on the ground before final leveling