Pacific Northwest Bears

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Ursa Rio

Started by John Croden in Pacific Northwest Bears 3 weeks ago

Hey Bears. I'm in Jasper Alberta. I heard that some bears are having a meetup this coming May Long Weekend in Creston BC. If anyone knows anything about it or of any others on BC please let me know. Cheers



3 weeks ago

Hi John, there is a Whatsapp group for the Creston trip. DM me and I can have you added. 

2 weeks ago

Hey John and any travelling Bears for that matter!… The meetup in Creston sounds awesome!…Great place to be looking to tribe up… We are just a hop skip and a jump away on an off grid acreage in the Castlegar area… Unfortunately we will already be fully engaged in year 7 of our continuing  Earthship build… Any one travelling thru or looking for a side trip is free to stop in any time!… Patricia and I have been hosting travelling people of all shapes and sizes that are interested in learning how to build to help us build our home… ‘Builder Buddies’ if you will… camping out and hanging out… over 1000 tires pounded later we are finally living in our albeit unfinished earthship and still working away…. anyway….we are on FB as ‘Earthship Pavo Natura’… anyone can message me there!….would love to meet some more Bears!… we offer all types of workshops thruout the building season…Timberframe, cob, basketweaving… and tirepounding and earthship design principles of course!….I also have a small sawmill we can go over… anyway would love to hear from y'all!….        Keep Crushing!!            Kurt… aka FlatEarthshipBear…aka bearalertkurt@gmail…. landline.  250 900 0123       

2 weeks ago

I would love to be able to join but unfortunately my travel options are limited because I don't have a vehicle with which to get out that far