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Central Texas Bears

Cultivation of CTX Crushers - An Exclusive Saloon

Started by TXMudBear in Central Texas Bears 1 week ago

What an awesome turnout for our CTX Bear Float and Picnic!!  At our second get-together, Bear attendance more than doubled, along with many Bear Cubs.  We are so excited to be assembling a great group of local like-minded individuals!  

It was an amazing time bonding with truly wonderful folks....people we wish to know better, learn from, grow with, and protect.   We cherish Bear culture and the connections we are making,  and want to see that our exclusive saloon is one of high trust and major crushers. We want hang with those who act honorably and uplift others.

As our group grows, we face the reality that not everyone will have our best interests at heart.  To extend our homes to strangers comes with a certain amount of risk/exposure to haters and those who don't jive with the vibe we're cultivating.

Based on an odd forum comment, a hunch and a search, we were alerted to a predatory snake in our midst.  Being crazy times we are in, it is only proper to proceed with a level of caution to protect us all and the young families coming into the fold. 

It has been expressed that a vetting process should now be in place for new, unknown individuals who want to be included in the social activities of our particular group.  We are still in the process of determining what this vetting process would entail. It is presumed that any true Bear would understand our position and be okay with being vetted.  

Perhaps you have to answer certain questions, share your social media profiles with us, or even your ID for a basic background check.  We'd appreciate you sharing a short backstory and details/explanation of any criminal history.  

Whatever is decided among the strong men and women of this group will be considered in earnest and with best intentions. Should there be anyone in Central TX who doesn't like this proposal, that's fine, you're free to do your own thing....

We are awesome crushers and we intend to keep it that way.  

If you would like to be on our contact list and participate in our social activities, please send an email and tell us a little bit about you...we'll let you know what additional info we'd like.

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Subject :    CTX Crushers

Be blessed and crush on!

TxMudBear & The Council of Crushers

"Onward to Beartaria!"

Be there, or be non-tubular!
1 week ago
1 week ago
I'll be stalking Melancholy Bear! Thank you Thank you for hosting!
1 week ago
God bless! Hope you guys have an awesome get together! If y'all can find the time, maybe you can stub some toe? Haha crush on, legends!
1 week ago

Alrrrriiight....we have a good group forming!  We have 12 confirmed Bears and a few BearCubs to do the, several families with little ones who will meet up with us later at the homestead.  Bears Unite!

@Bare_Arms_Bear    Thanks, Daniel... We hope you can make it down and join us sometime!

1 week ago

Bears, we had so much fun! Cadenbear, Nikita bear and I loved meeting y'all!

Funnily enough the Airbnb we are staying at has pictures of the tiny grabbler napoleon all over it. His best quote is ' history is a lie agreed upon'. Gravy! Can't wait to hang again soon. 

2 days ago
My kind of folks, loved meeting y'all. Looking forward to the next one! -Kyle
1 day ago
Great bear float and after party, TX Mud Bears! Thank you for your generosity and hospitality. Good meeting all the new bears.
1 day ago

Hey bears, my mom, sister and I all had a really good time yesterday. It was so nice meeting all of you! Looking forward to the next bear get together! :)


1 day ago