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Snow Storm

Started by MolarBear in Central Texas Bears 1 month ago

How has everyone done the past week with the snow storm? Is everyone doing well? Anyone in need of help? 

1 month ago

Greetings MolarBear. Thank you for asking. 

I imagine most of us lost a ton of plants, gardens, trees.  I know we did! Lots of folks I imagine are pretty butthurt about that. We learned that magnolias do great though! 

Our copper pipes had/have all kinds of problems. Feels like we're over halfway done. (We have super generous plumbing help right now from my father in law) Looks like folks with PEX pipes did okay. Know anything about copper pipes?

Or do you (or anybody) know how to fix a jammed chainsaw per chance? Really need it working shortly to clean up these downed trees.

Ya know - we will survive the winter. I feel incredibly thankful and blessed lately, despite the various setbacks. Been super happy and am excited to see what comes of all this. Can you sayyyy trailer house salvage remodel hahaha.

May God bless you and the CTX Sleuth!

1 month ago

Glad to hear you're doing well. I'm sadly lacking in useful trade skills but a happy laborer none the less. With advanced notice, I'd be happy to help with peoples jobs.