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Started by Sammy Shaw in Bears of Britain 9 months ago
Greetings and a warm welcome to all the Bears of the British Isles. I live in a lovely little village called Bonnybridge in Scotland with my wife and 3  children (16,18 and 21) which thankfully is unaffected, so far, by the violent, left wing, liberal agenda to turn the world into a gay, trans, White male cucked, coffee coloured "utopia".  I hope a few more Bears will join and start some interesting topics and of course all our brother and sister bears across the world are more than welcome to drop in and share their thoughts. Take care and God bless you all. 

Greetings Sammy and thanks for setting up this group. 27 years old, father of 2 girls (3, 5 months) and husband. We live in Cambridgeshire in the east of England in a village off the A1. 

As the name suggests I have Scottish roots, my mum's side of the family live in Glasgow. We try to make the trip once a year so perhaps in the future there will an opportunity to meet a fellow bear!

I've been watching the streams for the past 4/5 months and have been through the mourning process that is realising we're not on a spinning ball, what a ride it's been. I've tried to walk the line between not speaking truth and bombarding my mates with the info, failing sometimes but its a process isn't it. I'm coming to the understanding that we're all on our own journey and my impact can be as simple as planting seeds.

The experience so far has brought me to God, not having being raised with faith I'm now picking up the bible and trying to read daily, it's been incredible so far, praise be.

9 months ago

Hi all,

Checking in from the south coast (West Sussex). 50 years old, live with my wife and two daughters 19 and 7.

Been following the podcast since about 2016.


Exile Bear

8 months ago

Hi there brit bears.

God bless all. Good move sammy for setting up this forum for us bears.

I'm a 46 year young father of 4 , 2 girls , 14, 13,and 2 boys , 10 and 11..unfortunately my wife finished it 8 years ago, which was  devastating to me ,but later realized was a blessing.. I have my kids every weekend and have done since the split, they have been in lockdown for the past 2 weeks  but joyfully will be seeing them this weekend as it is my eldest birthday.have special permission from mum.

We live in inverness , my children 20 miles out o town but I'm not Scottish am english,  growing up in bournemouth, born in Suffolk, bury st Edmund's. Your neck of the woods father of2bear.

I discovered the big bear (legend) a year ago . Just caught the last of BB s drinking days and has inspired me to give up drinking  and waking off as    the Americans  call it . Life is good. 

My eyes were opened about the shape of the earth before I BB but he has made me realise so much more, nukes, dinosaurs and of course the grabbly grabblers and the Zionist Jews. 

My faith in god was always there in the background as I was brought up a catholic, but now it's clearer than ever and god is in the front seat  .

Am subscribed to unauthorized, great work guys. Any how that's me for now , looking forward to  helping this group grow .peace.

Ps, check out wether your kids school has had 5 g installed in this crazy lockdown period  ,just in case they do actually  reopen. Who knows what  the controllers have up there wizard sleeve.

Again god bless peeps , love to all.

8 months ago

Hey everyone

Checking in from NW England (Wigan).  38 yrs old, married, 17 Yr old son. 

Followed owen since the Crowder days, similar path to most.  

Glad to be part of the bears, best community out there bar none, especially as the world seems to have gone full retard of late.  

Good to see plenty of British bears in here, on Instagram and in the daily streams. 

7 months ago
Hi everyone, checking in from the east Midlands here, I'm a 38 year old mum of 2, holistic massage therapist, as well as trying to start a working vegetable garden from home so very busy, very grateful for Owen's streams as it helps keep my sanity especially in these stupendously entertaining but infuriating times. Trying to get the hubby into the gravy but so far he has an intolerance ha ha. Will keep trying though as I know he will get it just struggling a little with the fear. Very happy to see other like minded people from the UK on here hope we can all have some good banter to keep us going.
6 months ago

Hello Bears 

Im a 47 single parent of 2 teens living  in West Yorkshire. 

Really delighted to find a GB bear group that can crush as well our friend bears across the pond. 

The best apocalypse ever has it’s positives after all. 

It’s lovely to meet you all 


4 months ago

Just joined. Hello everyone.  I'm lancastrian living in West Sussex.  A few years ago my friends thought I was crazy now they are beginning to think I'm not so crazy after all.

Who is your Master?  We are the blessed, keep crushing.  X

4 months ago

Hello everyone, just signed up today, great to see fellow bears in the UK! Im 34 long time gravy ladler, been watching Owen since the crowder days and fairly new to Christ. Cant really put it down to one thing, was more of a convergence of many paths; the world makes way more sense with a Christian frame of reference. 

Hope everyone is well (and crushing) through these crazy times

God bless,

Billy (bearxiii)   

4 months ago

Hi Bears,

I am KD_Scottish_bear, single but looking for a like minded fella to share the rest of my life with and hopefully have a family too! I turned off main stream TV as I felt it degrades us and the creative flair as all but gone! I moved to the North of Glasgow to have a quieter life and I am now enjoying the decision to move here, even though I have no friends or family here, it feels like home! It has been a pleasure and blessing to meet other like minded furry animals who feel the same! I often catch-up on BB Streams in WD41Bear, he replays it the next day! So come say Hi he is from Glasgow too and we are thinking of ideas for our own little Beartaria! All ideas are welcomed, as it would be great to meet up with non compliant citizens of the UK!! NO CUCKS ALLOWED....... Sorry I am Scottish after all!!

4 months ago
Wow KD_SCOTTISH_Bear sounds awesome,  I was hoping someone would  e I the same frame of mind, even if it were just for a group camp at generic owned campsite, would be lovely to be surrounded by like minded people and families, my kids are struggling with making friends with all the lies and nonsense happening now, and even though we live in derbyshire, my son keeps nagging at me that he wants to visit Scotland, sowere definitely in. Its nice to know were not alone after all get away from the zombies a while lol x
4 months ago
Hello. I would be up for a meet. Camping would be ideal.  
4 months ago

Hi Jodie and Mark, 

Yes WD41 Bear is on it, he wants to start Scotaria and hopefully we will have somewhere to meet-up. I am the same I just want to be around like minded people too and can't wait to meet you and your families! Let's keep in contact and I will post updates here when I know more myself. I am having a wee vacation from social media for a few weeks but will be back on soon, its time to get creative and I hope the weather gets better so I can go hiking too! 

Best wishes to my fellow Brits and ignore wee krankie honestly nobody really likes her or thinks that way! You will always be welcome in my eyes and I am SCOTTISH_BEAR. <3  

4 months ago

hello bears

glad to see other likeminded people on these beautiful islands . I'm not a OG bear, but I've been quietly watching BB streams from around the time the grabblers from Jasons town made life difficult for him and his family, which led BB to move onto more prosperous pastors.  

I'm from Wiltshire and i generally don't bother with social media or leaving comments on platforms like youtube. However, its more important now to connect with likeminded people and is why i have joined bearvibe and bearsaloon. 

I finally got round to starting my vegetable garden this year. I have been saying for the last 3 years that I needed to start growing my own food, but i naively thought we had at least 10 year before everything started going full blown retard, though it's better late then never. The other week i had my 4 and 6 year old nieces over where they helped me dig for some potatoes. They were so chuffed that they helped out, but what was more cute, is that i bought them some little gardening gloves and they couldn't wait to tell their daddy when they got home - The simple things right?

Anyways, i will be looking forward in getting to know you all and also building a lasting bear community here

4 months ago

Hi Jimmer 

Glad to meet you and it's great that you are reaching out to other bears! I love your story of you nieces, i'm sure that will stay in there memory forever : ). I'm the same as you I bought a house last year with a garden and i am preparing it for growing my own fruit, veg and herbs. Hopefully I will be able to grow next season and reap the benefit too! Things have gotten crazy for sure. Where I live which is just outside of Glasgow its quite chilled and I spend most of my free time hiking all over Scotland, I used to be a photographer but its just a passion now. I would love to have Meet-ups with the UK bears I know a lot of cool places where we don't need to be around the masses. : ) 

Anyway I will keep this short but welcome mate and hope to chat to you on Dlive if you use that platform. I am normally in WD41_Bears stream catching up on the latest gravy from Owen. Hopefully see you on there!! We are both from Glasgow so if ya like some Glesga banter then check it Oot!!!! 

4 months ago
Everyone ok?
4 months ago

Hey Bears,

It's great to see everyone sharing their stories and wanting to connect.

KD_SCOTTISH_Bear - I have family in Kirkintilloch so a meetup with the Scottish bears would be possible from my end! I'll have a chat with the Mrs and see if it's likely we'll be coming up that way this year. As everyone's saying it'd be great to see other like-minded people. I'm lucky down here as I have a brother and one or two friends that are in a similar place with their understanding of the realm we're in.

Paul Roberts - I loved reading your post, dinos, nukes, the Zionist agenda etc what a ride aha My eldest starts primary in September so I'll have to double check. I'd seen posts in the various truth accounts on insta reporting that Putin (based) had banned WiFi in schools, would love to see the same over here. I try to turn my router off most nights just to limit exposure a little. I'm on the committee (and board) for our village pre-school and we haven't been informed of anything so far. On a side note, I feel like i'm working as a double agent sometimes when going to committee meetings as I have very different views on the world to all of the other parents, not to mention not vaccinating my children! Great to hear about the booze and porn, I'm in the same boat, what a change it makes!

Jimmer - Crushing, I've just built a mud kitchen for my daughters and they're loving it. It's the first time I've made something for them and it feels great.

Mark - great thanks, hope all is well your end.

I only really see the updates to this thread every month or so so if anyone would like to get in touch my details are below.

Email: - Instagram: cgap1

Cheers x

4 months ago

Hi everyone.  took me a while to find this because I didn't realise it was separate from bearsaloon (not sure what the diff is).

I live on the outskirts of Glasgow, late forties, married no kids.     Originally from England.

Keen on my garden but I have a very small and shady garden so I am looking for land.   Scotland if possible but i'm looking further afield because it's hard to find land with a building on for any reasonable price.

4 months ago

Hey WD41 glad you found it, so many cool bears from Britain on here and I hope you don't mind I suggested your stream to them! 

Also check out this thread > ;

Its in the crafts section, so many talented bears you should add something of your own! 

4 months ago
that craft thread is great, thanks for the link
4 months ago

Hello Brit Bears

Thought  I would finally chime in after watching the streams for years and connect with some people who get it 

Extreme introversion and intolerance of nonsense see me living a fairly solitary existence as a 37yo wife and mother of 10 month old twin girls, currently in Bromsgrove which is waaaaayyyyy to close to Birmingham 

Would love to return to my roots in Wales to start an epic garden

Studied Horticulture but the time would have been much better spent just learning from the land in an actual garden and watching Curtis stone videos

With every new layer of gravy I feel a weight being lifted, knowing that I’m not the only one who notices how deep the lies go 

Hope you are all doing well and I’m always in the mood for camping 

3 months ago
Hello, I’m in Harborne, Birmingham
3 months ago

I’m 19 and still! In college hoping to go to university next year to study business management however like most I’m on the fence when it comes to my own future goals, I would however be interested in doing some gardening work in my free time if anyone needs an extra hand I’d love to help! Contact me  Dylanj.smith on Instagram or DLive KingRichard1Bear

3 months ago

Hello Mrs Panda and Brotherbear!

I’m in Birmingham, with the intention to get out as soon as possible, would be good to connect with local bears, maybe even meet at some point. I increasingly find myself drifting away from friends and family, most who seem to be increasingly zombified or kind of awake to a lot of nonsense, but have little interest in seeing beyond their nose.

Brotherbear I think you have a bright future, I’m 34 now and wish I was as in tune with logos when I was your age! 

Anyway, hope everyone is well and not too affected by this PLANdemic


3 months ago

I concur 

If only I was watching streams like Owens when I was still in my teens. Would obviously have had more children and potentially wasted less time on many pointless distractions... but then again maybe not.

I got out of Birmingham a few years back, (was the second time I had ended up living there, kept pulling me in like a black hole)

Had to get out after I realised I was the only British person living in my flats and I’m not even English! I felt totally disconnected.

My husband (Polish) also kept having regular altercations with Pakistani youths  hasn’t had a run in with anyone since moving 2 Bromsgrove which is still predominantly English.

I would say getting out of the major cities is an absolute must... the future does not look bright but white flight can’t really be a thing in this country can it? 

Where is there to go... there’s no Idaho.. you can reach anywhere in a few hours... 

Brother bear - currently looking for a bigger place and will likely be building a garden from scratch... will probably need a hand at some point.

Interested to know how people are getting on with the masks?

I hadn’t worn one at all, anywhere and never been challenged... only one fag in Aldi who freaked out that I wasn’t far enough away from him at the checkout. I was not close to him at all.

Library staff asked if I was able to wear one and I just said no.

3 months ago

I've had very little issues with the mask.  Mainly just glares off the retards.  You can see the fear in their eyes though. 

Only issue I had was at my doctors.  The chemist is inside the GP surgery and for the past few months it's been all locked up so you had to speak through a hole in the door to someone wearing a mask and mumbling incoherently.  

 I went on Monday to get my prescription and it was finally all open, so I walked in, a woman said about a mask as soon as I entered, I said 'no thanks', carried on walking in.   Got almost to the pharmacy desk and heard her yell, top of her voice, 'hey! You!'.  Turned around and she had pure panic in her eyes, she was telling me I had to get out right away or wear a mask. Told her I was exempt, which confused her.  Showed her my card, she studied it, still confused, then shuffled away. 

If anyone doesn't have an exemption card, I recommend getting one. 

3 months ago

Yeah same for me, I thought a hedonistic, carefree life was the best, especially when young and one day I would find myself settled and possibly have a family. In retrospect how are you ever meant to get somewhere without moving in that direction!? Many of my friends are married and have kids, whilst I bounced around between Australia, home, south east Asia. They sometimes say ‘I’m jealous of what you did’ or ‘I wish I did something similar’ but really in the bigger picture those experiences haven’t amounted to much in the real world and I’m actually the real jealous one of their headstart.

Both me and my gf and strongly apposed to masks and haven’t been wearing them and haven’t had any real challenge. Maybe once or twice asked do we have one.

Personally I see conflict over the coming years being Muslim/non Muslim in Britain, to quote Martin Van Crevald ‘war and immigration are two sides of the same coin’. 

3 months ago

Hi everyone

I'm in Essex (about 30 mins to the right-hand side of London).

I agree with Stuntman in that you'll wanna get a mask exemption card to be able to deal with the frenzied freaks if/when their beady eyes fall upon you.

I just downloaded the printable one from the government website and have that ready to go on my iPod when I enter a place. Now and again somebody will accost me and shout something like "DO YOU HAVE A MASK, SIR?" as I'm walking through - meaning I have to stop then take out my iPod and show them the image. They never understand what it is and just stand there looking shocked until they either nod or their Manager looks over and tells them it's fine to let me in.

They can't deny you access to anywhere and they can't demand that you prove if you really are/why you're exempt. But you certainly end up feeling like some kind of criminal when you have a hundred people all looking at you in horror as you walk around a shopping centre and you're the only one who can breathe as God intended.

3 months ago

Billy- The conflict started just as soon as they arrived.... the body count on the alter of diversity is growing by the day.

War tactics have already been used by some for decades,  we are all familiar with their tactics see‘ grooming gangs’ ...

I personally have many stories about my time in the diverse heaven of Birmingham which I’m happy to share at length if you need more motivation to leave...

They know that our culture has been degraded and they are just moving into the vacuum... I now consider most of Birmingham and many other towns occupied territory.

Anecdotally, in many cases involving my husband they were very much less inclined to engage in violence once they realised he was Eastern European, make what you will of that.

Micheal- now that Autumn is on the horizon the exemption card is happening. Feel like round 2 is inevitable really.  Never had a shop worker bother me but Had another bitchy comment from a masked sorry excuse for a man today... again implying that I was 2 close to him... again I was not.  Just adds to the feeling of demoralisation I suppose.

Did anyone else see that there was a protest against COVID restriction in London... plenty of people questioning the narrative from what I could see, made me feel a lot less alone and the people they interviewed where articulate and made good points.

3 months ago

Yeah was good to see the protest.  Gives a lot  of hope moving forward 

3 months ago

I never find out about anything until after the fact.. Prob because I’m not on social  media and basically live in a bubble!

Could have done with a day out not surrounded by people wearing masks.... Saw a number of God and Jesus signs in the crowd, which I would have thought was weird once upon a time but I’m coming around.

3 months ago

Yeah, though I only saw "The Sun"s coverage of the protest - with their video labelled "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS GATHER IN LONDON..."

They made sure to include the signs referencing Jesus just to make it seem like they were all nutters (as your average person will think somebody saying "aliens and repitilians are really demons" is completely insane), because all the footage they got of people talking was completely sober and well-adjusted. They had to find anything they could to make everyone seem unhinged.
3 months ago

Mrs panda I agree, more specifically I meant actual day to day, bodies in the street conflict. They are completely incompatible with Western society and ultimately anywhere they have migrated to, one culture will have to go. You’re definitely not alone, a lot of people see through it but too many are cowardly and think if the cover their ears and close their eyes soon it will go away. Unfortunately the only way I seeing it going away is the population rising up and demanding it, while people feel they have something to lose they will be reluctant to do that. 

I’ve been looking into natural law/common law and it’s very interesting. Basically you don’t have to do anything they say, but throughout day to day life we get tricked into representing our fictional identity/legal identity. We are not that, we are men and women. If you can navigate through that world competently you can get out of vaccines (if they go as far as mandating them), tax, parking fines, bank loans, even mortgages.

If you haven’t been checking them out I would highly recommend Vernon Coleman’s videos on YouTube.

3 months ago
Billy & Panda bear Thankyou I appreciate that a lot! Just thought I’d see how everyone is getting on ? I know everyone is back to work and school now so I hope you’re all not being hassled about wearing the diaper masks like I was
2 months ago

Only once for me, we were working at an RAF site; the receptionist was literally shouting at people to stop as they were walking past her so she had time to dive behind her desk! Part of me found it hilarious, part of me thought her cortisol levels will probably kill her way before her time. ‘Fear God only’ comes the mind.

Since maybe July I’ve seen speculation from ‘conspiracy theorists’/people paying attention suggesting the ‘second wave’ (where was the first?) will be in September, with us going into a nationwide, six month lockdown. It seems like they are ramping up towards that with these ‘outbreaks’ in schools. 

Have people seen the plandemic II documentary? I watched the Brian Rose/Dr David E Martin interview yesterday. Apparently Moderna were applying for corona vaccine patents in March 2019, and included in the patent was ‘incase of a release of a corona virus’ (paraphrased)

2 months ago
Fear god only is definitely one in going to use
2 months ago

 I’m still at home with my family but they don’t share my enthusiasm unfortunately, anyway I’m not to worried about other people they’ve had a good 4 months to figure it all out, but spent the time being unproductive and  staring into a tv screen that wants them all to be panicking. Btw  anyone interested in a meet up around December Time ?  Would be great to meet a few Bears this year after all the crushing that’s been happening ! Let me know who’s up for it

2 months ago
I'd be up for a hangout, BrotherBear - but I'm in Essex (next to London) and don't know where anybody else is!
2 months ago

Yeah I would be down for that, I’m pretty flexible so whenever/wherever if I’m free im there.

2 months ago

Billy - thought of you when I heard about the recent Birmingham enrichment... bodies in the street...

That was very close to my old Thai boxing gym 

Meet up would be good - Micheal - Brother bear, billy and I are in the Birmingham area 

I will most likely bring my husband for obvious reasons... he’s not a bear he’s a builder... he knows who the big bear is though 

2 months ago

BrotherBear I think I’m pretty local to you so could meet up for food/drink/walk at any time with little effort. 

Mrs panda thank you for having me in your thoughts, I’m well and was no where near to that horrendous attack. Similarly I would be with my gf, who is essentially an unbearified bear.

The more I see the US bears forming and uniting the more I’m inspired for us UK bears to do something similar. Especially as things intensify I think the more high quality people we have around the better. I have been looking more into common law and learning bits and pieces, essentially if vaccines get mandated our silence is considered assent so refusing is belligerence. I have sent off vaccine non-consent  forms/condition acceptance and would advise others to do the same. There is a site called solutions empowerment who have template forms (you need to donate a small fee and one form covers a family) If anyone wants to know more or needs help let me know and I’ll help anyway I can.

2 months ago

I'm  in Peterborough (Cambridgeshire) but would like to come to a meet up wherever it suits.

Are there any telegram/whatsapp groups for UK bears? I'm in a couple of telegram ones for common law bits and have found it good to get talking to people that aren't zombies. But even it's not the same as bears...

2 months ago

How long have you been looking into common law/natural law? I’ve recently been digging a bit deeper, are you familiar with solutions empowerment? I’ve recently sent off vaccine non-consent forms using their template.

I’m unaware of any whatsapp and/or telegram groups 

I watched this recently, is really good if you want an intro into stepping out of the legal world (and into the lawful)

2 months ago

Hey Billy

I’ll deffo look at solutions empowerment, is this what Tom Barnett was talking about?

Who do the forms get sent to?

Just finished watching something critiquing a dodgy study suggesting that those resisting The scam- demic  measures are probably sociopaths

2 months ago

Morning Mrs Panda,

Yeah those are the ones. You send them to 10 Downing Street by recorded delivery. When you fill in the forms online they want to number of the recorded delivery, just enter it as all 0’s and then write it on the form when you post them. One set will cover a family.

I’m not sure if it’s the same one but I saw something similar; the media basically presented the conclusion as the opposite of what the study concludes

2 months ago

Sounds great, hopefully more of us who are outside of Birmingham will come along! 

Hope everyone is doing great, for some reason I don’t get notifications on this chat but I try to check in ever few days. I’m thinking around Christmas time will be a good chance to have a nice bear meet up if that’s good with everyone else? I will also be going to St Andrews Orthodox Church of Birmingham next Sunday with my brother if anyone wants to join us.  Anyway Keep crushing, 

Dylan/ KingRichard1bear 

2 months ago

Hi all, just came across this page. I’m James, 25yr old single guy. Grew up in London and worked there for a bit, but saw it descending pretty fast. Since leaving, have been living in various parts of the country (Hampshire, N. Yorkshire) doing different jobs (gardening, farming, driving) for the past few years. I enjoy doing interesting new work in nice areas of the countryside.

As a bit of a nomad, would be good to meet up with some of you guys sometime.

It looks like there’s a few keen for a meet up but nothings gone ahead yet? Could just pick a place e.g. in the countryside near Birmingham as there seem to be a few folks there, and go for a hike and have a natter.

Telegram messaging group perhaps? I think I have to have a couple of contacts in order to set up a group, and then go from there. 

If anyone interested email me at I’m up in N. Yorkshire at the moment.


1 month ago

Hi all. I’ve set up a WhatsApp group if anyone wants to join. Just light hearted discussion - a bit easier/faster than on here. Just myself and Billy from here at the moment, but the more the merrier.

Email me with your number at and I’ll add you. 


4 weeks ago