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General group for all of Idaho! 
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Started by Thinker Bear in Bears of Idaho 1 day ago
In my brief expierance in Idaho, it seems like 80% of the places I've been to don't require masks. I think the next logical step would be to support businesses who do not require their employees to...
Started by RebelFarmer in Bears of Idaho 2 days ago
Anyone down to compile a list of businesses that do not require masks in the Boise area? I don't typically care if people ask me to mask up (I wont), but these are places that flat out don't requir...
Started by MacGyver Bear in Bears of Idaho 1 week ago
 LET'S DO THIS! Bear meet up in south west Idaho.When: Jan 8th 2021 @7pmWhere: Homestead Bar + Grill in MeridianIll be there with my wife @Mountain Wellness Bear . Let us know if you can make it.
Started by Thinker Bear in Bears of Idaho 2 weeks ago
I was curious if any of y'all knew of any good doctors in the area? or if there are any homeopathic doctors?Thanks!
Started by Thinker Bear in Bears of Idaho 3 weeks ago
Hello! I am Karl and I am moving to the Nampa Area on Sunday December 27th and am starting a plumbing apprenticeship January 4th. I am a 23 year old man who is moving from PA. Thanks for CeeJay and...

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