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Bears of Idaho

General group for all of Idaho! 

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Any bears in Boise who want to meet up?
Started by Knotty-Bear in Bears of Idaho 3 hours ago
Anyone down to compile a list of businesses that do not require masks in the Boise area? I don't typically care if people ask me to mask up (I wont), but these are places that flat out don't requir...
Started by RebelFarmer in Bears of Idaho 3 hours ago
Anyone have a line on quail? If not, any of you treasure valley guys want to go in on an order? Not quite ready because I don't have a coop yet. Minimum orders because they are small birds. Also, I...
Started by Taterbear in Bears of Idaho 3 weeks ago
Hello Fellow Bears!I, along with my husband and three small children, am moving to Moscow, Idaho in mid-August. We just signed our lease today and it feels so good! We are originally from Arkansas,...
Started by Mama Navillus Bear in Bears of Idaho 1 month ago
If you're anywhere near Rexburg, Rigby, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and the like, please join our group over at East Idaho Bears. It seems Bears are few and far between in these parts, and we'd like to ...
Started by PotatoBear in Bears of Idaho 1 month ago

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