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Los Angeles Bears

This is for people who live in Los Angeles AND are bears! We're doing survival among the beast system here already.  Light in darkness . . . knowing that God has in multiple ways shown us what He can do in the darkness to glorify Himself.  

I suppose if we ever number more than 5, we could plan a meetup.  

Contact person(s) : IncognitoBear

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Anybody interested in another Bear Meet-up?  Liberty Bear, want to set a date?Elaine
Started by Elaine Ash in Los Angeles Bears 10 hours ago
Lets grow these numbers
Started by LIAM in Los Angeles Bears 1 week ago
Hey everyone! I'm a longtime bear. My wife and I moved to LA a little over a year ago. We're going to be settled here so I'd like to get involved in a community :)Any bears meeting up let me know!
Started by DachulBear in Los Angeles Bears 1 week ago
Hey Bears!The Kickstarter for my graphic novel SEASONS has launched and would love the support of the bears. I didn't write it but I'm the one who drew all the pretty pictures. This is the second v...
Started by Anthony Gonzales-Clark in Los Angeles Bears 1 week ago
Are there any bears that live in Southern California and are. Considering a move out of state? I'd like to discuss different places and see where people who want to leave the belly of the beast sho...
Started by Mr.MustacheBear in Los Angeles Bears 1 week ago

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