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Los Angeles Bears

This is for people who live in Los Angeles AND are bears! We're doing survival among the beast system here already.  Light in darkness . . . knowing that God has in multiple ways shown us what He can do in the darkness to glorify Himself.  

I suppose if we ever number more than 5, we could plan a meetup.  

Contact person(s) : IncognitoBear

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Latest discussions

Anybody interested in another Bear Meet-up?  Liberty Bear, want to set a date?Elaine
Started by Elaine Ash in Los Angeles Bears 5 days ago
Lets grow these numbers
Started by LIAM in Los Angeles Bears 1 week ago
Hey all,Found bearvibe and bearsaloon (still waiting for auth email) from a live stream last week and i'm trying to get setup here and there. I float around LA and OC depending on job needs. I have...
Started by HWbear in Los Angeles Bears 2 weeks ago
Does anyone have any chicken eggs for sale?  I need food and I refuse to wear a mask.  Any bears out there in LA (I'm in Pasadena), please help. God bless.
Started by libertybear in Los Angeles Bears 3 weeks ago
Moved to LA two years ago, and am just trying to find me some bears! If we could have our own community garden or something to start out that would be awesome. Much love. 
Started by Formidable Bear in Los Angeles Bears 3 weeks ago