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Hello Bears!

Welcome to our warm and comfy den. We have a few new guidelines to make sure nobody’s having more fun than us, while peace and order are maintained on the Vibe.

We are a community inspired by Owen Benjamin and his homesteading ways. That being said, he inspires us, he doesn’t lead us. Bears are encouraged to be their own men and women, thinking as they see fit under God and the rules of the Constitution of the United States. (And don’t forget gravy. Bears love truth, logos, and gravy.)

Please come on in and tell us about yourself and your interests. We want to get to know you. Many friendships and get-togethers start here. If you participate honestly and are of good cheer, our high-trust membership will respond in kind. Bears give big hugs, and welcome likeminded newcomers with open arms and generosity.

That being said, a couple of things make us growl: 

Instantly asking us for money.  Sure, we’d love to hear about your passion project, but asking us to donate to anything before you’ve been a member for six months or more is a no-no. Even then, we require steady attendance at Bear meetups, and posts on Bear Vibe, so we can get to know you. If in doubt, please ask an Administrator for guidance.

Promoting non-Bear meetings or activities. You’re here to join our community, right? Then why join and start drawing members away to outside meetings and events? We want joiners and sharers, not distractors. For the first six months, come to our get-togethers and just be Bear. Get to know us, and let us get to know you, too. 

Profanity. Cuss words. Bears are family oriented, so we keep it down.

Thanks for reading. As we grow, so will these guidelines. 

ABC, Always Be Crushing.

Your faithful Administrators,

Professor3Bear and Literary Bear

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