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Los Angeles Bears

My Kickstarter has launched!

Started by Anthony Gonzales-Clark in Los Angeles Bears 2 months ago

Hey Bears!

The Kickstarter for my graphic novel SEASONS has launched and would love the support of the bears. I didn't write it but I'm the one who drew all the pretty pictures. This is the second volume in the series but we made the first volume available in this campaign as well. If you want to check it out its available for free at the SEASONS website, or webtoons or you can subscribe at  macroverse which is a new comic book platform.

This has been my main focus for a few years now, until my newborn son came along, but I can still contribute my art skills to the bear trail and Beartaria.

This book is going to be dedicated to the bears as a big thank you. Please support it by donating or by sharing it or both!

Here is the link to the campaign

I know that most of you will have not just reservations but enmity towards Kickstarter because of their dumb BLM hashtag plastered on the top of the page. We got you covered! 

Here is a paypal link you can send donations to

Directions if you will use paypal
1. Go to the campaign
2. Select the tier you want
3.  See how much its going to cost, because it adds shipping to the order.
4. Then just send that amount to the paypal account

If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you and God Bless!

-Anthony aka Daydream Bear

The Kickstarter is launched! 


Please support! Thanks!

2 months ago

Hi Anthony,

The project looks great and I'd love to donate to the project. However, I can't give money to Kickstarter with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag staring me in the face over there. I'll even send Paypal if you provide an addy.


2 months ago

Hey Elaine,

Yeah, I figured that would be an issue. Let me see what my writer has in mind for that sort of thing and I will get back to you. Thanks for checking it out by the way!

2 months ago

Here you go Elaine. I edited the message above as well

Thanks so much! Thanks for reminding me to get this figured out.

2 months ago
I'm waiting on my paycheck but should be in next week.  Then I'll be sure to throw some support your way.
1 month ago
Sweet! Thanks man
1 month ago

I just donated via Paypal. Best of luck with this great project.


1 month ago
Thank you so much!
1 month ago
The Kickstarter was a success! Thank you to all those who donated or checked out the book. There will be more volumes in the future. Thanks again!
1 month ago
i've been meaning to contribute but i don't like paypal. i can zelle you.
2 weeks ago

Yo! Sorry for late response. My writer decided to start a campaign through Indiegogo.

You can check it out and see what you want to get. Zelle me at my number 8189225969

Thanks dude!

1 week ago
Hyped to read both 1 & 2
1 week ago