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Utah Bears

Shoutout to Utah bears

Started by Matt Dahlman in Utah Bears 3 months ago
We crush! Who’s out there?
Kaden from SLC! Where are you from?
3 months ago

Hello Kaden! 

I'm Haul-Long! Nathan Petersen. I'm in Layton. I'm also on the Bear Trail as Haul-Long Station. Nice to get in touch.

3 months ago

Any of the Utah Bears ride? 

3 months ago
Hey what’s up! I’m in Taylorsville. Lived here nearly all my life. Was born in Washington with parents in Air Force but moved here when I was you g
3 months ago

Howdy!  I'm Metz from SLC.  My Dad's family is originally from the Beaver/Minersville area; they moved to SLC in the 40s and to California in the 60s, my Dad returned to retire in central Utah in the 2000s.

I don't ride but my brother and one of my best friends do.  There's apparently a pretty big KLR scene around here?
1 month ago
Hey all - just joined... hope we can get an active Utah group going.  I'm up in the Kamas valley area near the Uintas.  Hoping to meet more like minded (freedom) individuals!
1 week ago