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Utah Bears

Hello Bears

Started by NotZieBear in Utah Bears 2 months ago

How is it going Utah Bears?

I finally decided to emerge from my digital hole and socialize, never have much time but I would like to at least integrate into the community a little more after several years of mostly observing. While I am kept busy with full-time (((work))), and my grabbler (((degree))), and I spend what time I have left over with my small family (beautiful wife and a pair of mancubs); I am very willing to help when I can. I have experience with Gardening, Landscaping, Construction, Concrete, Security, Language Translation , and some Computer Systems so hit me up if you have any needs in those areas or need an extra set of hands to do anything else.

Sounds great, nice to have you here! What city are you in?
3 weeks ago

Thanks! i live nearby lehi for now. I move around a bit.

3 weeks ago