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Utah Bears

Looking to move!

Started by Marcello. J Giron in Utah Bears 1 month ago

I was having a hard time finding a place to move but then I remembered I could ask if any bears know of places or even would be up for a young couple as tenants.  

What city are you in?
1 month ago

I'm pretty happy with Rhino Property mgmt. They cover Utah, SL, Davis and Weber counties

1 month ago

I'm over here in salt lake

1 month ago


I live down in Sanpete County and I’ll tell ya there is nothing for rent down here. We ended up having to buy a place because of it. There is currently one house available in Manti and they want $1400 a month (plus 1800 down). Obviously much lower than city prices but still ridiculous. The good thing is the housing market isn’t as inflated down here so we got a decent house on half acre for 200k. 

3 weeks ago