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Upstate Ursae

For those Bears still living in the penal colony that is Upstate NY. 

A place where we can hang out and bloom where we are planted.

Welcome to all other Bears that wanna stop by and say 'howdy.'

Contact person(s) : 12ga Bear - Lou

36 6 1 Upstate NY New York NYS

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Greetings all, let it be known that there are plenty of crushers here in Upstate! Sure the city does nothing for us but siphon resources and taxes and in return send up their criminals and garbage,...
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Upstate Ursae 10 hours ago
Hey, I havent gotten a chance to meet up with anyone from the group, my extended biological family has declared the covaids too dangerous to do holidays this year. I was wondering if there was any ...
Started by MikkBear in Upstate Ursae 11 hours ago
Any bears that golf? With being laid off and the weather finally starting to warm up, I've been trying to get out and play. Got one round in so far.I'm around scratch, shot -1 my first round (short...
Started by Bearicua in Upstate Ursae 1 month ago
Would ya'll s like to start planning some sort of meet up? Maybe a pub or a bit of fishing at one of our great Finger Lakes? I personally love cooking outdoors and we could do a meal over a campfir...
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Upstate Ursae 1 month ago
Long term homestead project. One word.Pigeons.See below for my findings.
Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Upstate Ursae 2 months ago

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