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When things start opening up...

Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Upstate Ursae 2 months ago

Would ya'll s like to start planning some sort of meet up? Maybe a pub or a bit of fishing at one of our great Finger Lakes? 

I personally love cooking outdoors and we could do a meal over a campfire somewhere.

Let me know some of your thoughts or activities you guys are interested in. 

Whatever we plan can be lady bear and little bear friendly of course.

BLM spots are still open across the states despite the state laws

Not sure how common those are in the East Coast tho. But in the West they're everywhere

2 months ago



Yeah I checked out those very helpful links you posted. There’s a handful out this way in our area. 

2 months ago
I'm down in Owego, but my parents live in Waterloo, where I finished high school. I'm down for a meetup, I'm bored as hell by myself.
2 months ago
i love camping i would be down. i would just have to convince my wife that camping with internet stangers is a good thing 
2 months ago

We can work up to camping haha, think of it more as a picnic that we will start with. 

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2 months ago

howdy bears, 

Anyone down for a meetup before the summer ends? Middle or end of August? Ithaca might be a good central location (though, I'm sure they're into the face googles there). Buttermilk falls state park hike + picnic?  Maybe there's a place we can rent kayaks? Or just hang at a brewery... Thoughts? 

1 week ago
I drove through Ithaca yesterday. People were wearing muzzles while biking alone. 
1 week ago
Definitely down for a meet up. I think the falls or any of the state parks would be a good bet. I’m in the Syracuse area and there’s some decent places here too. “Mask-tardia” is everywhere though. We’ll deal with it as we go! Let’s make it happen!
1 week ago

Yeah I’m down to join in and bring some food. 

It’d be fun if we all went for supplies at a local store with no masks. Like what the urban farmer guy BB interviewed suggested he and a bunch of his friends were planning to do. Group non compliance is great

1 week ago
Ithaca would be a great place to do that. It’s ground zero in CNY for nonsense.
1 week ago

@bearicua what a sight for sore eyes! 

So picnic it is!  Does anyone have a preference for a state park in Ithaca? 

I can't remember if the picnic areas at Buttermilk falls are nice... There's also Taughannock Falls State Park (They have picnic areas right near the lake)...




1 week ago

We love Ithaca but are about an hour and a half away. If u guys pick a weekend we will definitely try to make it

1 week ago

There's a small state park on the north western side of cayuga lake near seneca falls called cayuga state park. that would be a good option for those that are further west. I'm very central to everyone it seems so we could do Auburn maybe?

1 week ago

Cayuga state parks or Auburn works for me. I'm coming from Binghamton  are - both are roughly the same distance.

Weekend sounds good. Does that work for everyone else?

P.S I found this great bear cave in PA (see pic) - if we could find something like this is NY that would be great! :)


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6 days ago
Cayuga lake is a great spot to meet up. I’m available 15th and the 29th. September is wide open too. Let’s make it happen. 
6 days ago
29th works best for me, i have to go to Massachusetts for a family visit on the weekend of the 15th. 
6 days ago
29th works for me!
5 days ago
@12ga_Bear   I got chased by park police in high school at Cayuga for drinking haha. Unfortunately I'll be doing my National Guard stuff the 22nd through the 5th, so maybe next time for me. Enjoy bears
4 days ago
We could do it after the fifth. That’s only another week.
4 days ago



Nice haha did they catch ya? Us puerto ricans are pretty slippery. 

The weekend of the 5th doesn’t work for me, I’ve got a long planned camping trip all that weekend. 

There’s no reason we can’t plan another quick get together sometime in September though. It’s a good time of year in upstate, not too hot so we won’t be a bunch of sweaty assholes loitering in a park or something haha.  I’ll post a time here in the group using the calendar feature. 

4 days ago

Hell no haha. We were all athletes, no way a fat middle aged guy was catching us.

Hopefully I'll be working again after my Army bs, but I'm down. We'll see if my wife would come. Going to PR this weekend to get her and my dogs 

4 days ago

I've posted on the group calendar the date and time of the meetup at the park. if that time works for you please hit the attend button if you think you can make it. 

I'll try to email everyone details of where I'll set up and such at the park so you know who/what to look for on the day when you arrive. 

Feel free to hit me up with any questions.

16 hours ago