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Upstate Ursae

looking for support in tragedy

Started by DragonBear in Upstate Ursae 1 month ago

Yesterday My cousin’s husband, a garbage truck driver, was hit by a car and is in the hospital with broken ribs, bones, swelling of the brain, and has been put in an induced coma. news article can be found here ; and here is the go fund me they have reached their goal however i dont feel like $5000 will be enough to cover living expenses for their family of 5 while he is in the hospital. hoping the bear community can rally and show support.  any prays and contributions are greatly apreciated

My parents live in Palmyra (almost in Newark actually)  and I pass through Newark to see them often. If they need any help getting anything I can snag it for them while I'm around. 
1 month ago

My dad is a pastor in Waterloo, I'm further south in Owego. Anything we can do to help let me know. I can't help monetarily, but anything else.


1 month ago
husband is in stable condition currently. not sure if he is in the induced coma still or not. thanks for the support. i will pass on any request the family has. 
1 month ago
just an update on joe. he is out of ICU and no longer on any tubes he has been shipped to NYC for brain trama rehab. thanks for all your prayers
2 weeks ago
Awesome news bud, glad to hear he’s doing better!
1 week ago