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Upstate Ursae

Golfer Bears?

Started by Bearicua in Upstate Ursae 4 months ago

Any bears that golf? With being laid off and the weather finally starting to warm up, I've been trying to get out and play. Got one round in so far.

I'm around scratch, shot -1 my first round (short course, reached every par 5 in 2).  I play for fun, just happen to be decent.  Played and coached in college. Any skill level is fine, willing to teach if you want.  I've played a lot of the courses in the Finger Lakes and toward Rochester.

I'm by Binghamton, but family in Waterloo. Dont mind travelling to play new courses. My dad sanded of his fingernail, so he wont be able to play for a while.

Hit me up, nothing too expensive though

im around a +6 beer golfer. i couldnt tell you what my handy cap is but i would be up for a round if its near Rochester. With work, and new baby, and property to manage i dont have ability to take a Saturday and hit a Binghamton course
4 months ago
I’m shit at golf but I’ll embarrass myself willingly for the Bears entertainment haha. 
4 months ago

I'm playing Victor Hills tomorrow morning with a buddy. I'm laid off, so I have all the time in the world. 

I've never tried to keep a handicap, just like to play.

4 months ago
3months ago this was posted? Did anyone meet up for golf? I would be down if anyone wants to meet up closer to wny buffalo area. I will travel but... anyway let's get this discussion back up and going maybe a bear tournament in the future.
2 weeks ago
hasnt happened i only got out once with my brother in laws. i have been busy with teh garden and building a chicken coop. my september is busy and hunting season starts soon. im probably done with golf for the season
2 weeks ago
Nah, no golf meetups. I started working, and haven't had time. Apparently my handicap is plus 1 now, so I've got that going for me haha.
1 week ago

Just inherited a set of clubs from my old man so I am much more inclined to try and get better. 

1 week ago
12ga bear practice up... sounds like this season is over for most. Next season let's make a point to get out there.
5 days ago


 Alright haha I will. Looking forward to it. 

I'd like to try fishing too next summer if anyone's interested.

4 days ago