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I'm Making a Tabletop Game and Wanting to Crowdfund. Anyone Have Any Experience or Connections?

Started by ImprovBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 1 week ago

I'm making a tabletop party game and am wanting to crowdfund it and get it made. Do any of you guys have any experience or connections with people who have manufactured and distributed tabletop games? I would need a board, decks of cards, Player Mats, and a custom wheel to be made.

Thank you!

-Improv Bear

No experience but am interested in doing something similar

1 week ago
Improv Bear, and UrsaDelta- I'm happy to help with sketch-work.  Improv Bear, how can I send you the mini-comic?  It's too large a file for this format.
4 days ago