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Build don't bitch

Started by MerchantBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 2 weeks ago

Show off your latest build, project or creation. Show other Bears whats possible!

Feel free to share some insight or knowledge that you learned through the build.

I made a recording desk

2 weeks ago
Did a blind tooled leather binding for "The Hobbit".

2 weeks ago
In the ultimate White Girl move, I took some old electrical wire and some pretty rocks, and made some jewelry.


2020-07-21 02:05:29


2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Hi Bears

Glad to have found this page and love what you's have created! Bravo.....   @CJbear I have followed you on Etsy : ) I shop there sometimes as I enjoy home-made items, so I can't wait to check out your stuff! I up-cycle old furniture as I prefer the older wood and its also made better, it just needs a makeover and that's where I come in! lol

I recently converted my spare room into a work room and here is a pic of my work bench, its not finished yet. My first of many projects to come! I hope you like photos as I am photographer and take tons. hahaha

1 week ago

I'm working on crocheting this blanket. Just a hobby. Not an expert. It's an autumn/fall color blend. 

I used to have trouble creating a straight edge. I've found that if I'm mostly using double crochet, it's best to chain 1 at the end, turn, and do a double crochet in the first stitch. It could be different for some based on yarn and needle size. 

1 week ago
Really pretty Kristen.  I crochet too but put my latest blanket down since its 90+ outside. Keep practicing.  I had the same issue when I first started. 
1 week ago
Working on techniques to make stone engravings.

1 week ago
This was a better example of one I made for someone. I love building things out of concrete. I wish I could attach more than one image.

1 week ago

My most difficult build. High end speakers, made with 50lbs of concrete.


I figured out how to attach more than one picture..

1 week ago

Thanks, @Melinda. Those edges can be pesky. I'll keep practicing. And ya, it's too warm to be working on a blanket during this season. 

@Ryan  Pretty cool speakers and stone engravings.

1 week ago
Trying to become a comic artist.

1 week ago
I have a website for my art. Let me know what ya think. 
1 week ago

Hey Bears,

Love seeing everyone's talents, Thank you for sharing!

Hi AJ Rhino Bear Great to meet you onhere you are amazing painter and I especially loved your stream of the last painting you did, I found it really relaxing and was in Awe of your talent! I checked your website out, loved the design big man the only thing I would suggest! Advertise your Dlive stream as I think it's something new and would allow people to come and chat and actually see the Artistry in action!! Hope this helps and take care!!

4 days ago
@Ryan how do you do the text - CNC?

2 days ago
@wd41 you know it. I use a wax block to engrave a master mold.

1 day ago