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Illustrator bear here!

Started by DachulBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 4 months ago

Hey bears! I'm a passionate comic book artist :) If anyone needs artwork done for them, I am open for commissions! I would love to work with bears!

My instagram is if you want to see my art style!

Also I'm DachulBear on Beartaria Times!

Is that a pic of Arketer in the feed there? I don't have Insta so it won't let me check the title. Big fan of the Magog stuff.

I may need your services later down the road for a video game I'm working on, will have comic-book-like cutscenes.

Can you get that heavy-inked style of Frank Miller type comics? I try to use a lot of black negative space in the art, makes stuff pop like stained-glass

Not that you would have to match the game's art style, the comic panels should feel like comic panels, but here's the game for reference:

Won't be getting to that stage for some time so just scouting for down the road.

4 months ago

I had to look up Arketer, and i see now that guy looks just like him haha

That was a commission I did for someone, so it was a character they made up.

And I am working on getting my blacks more full, Frank Miller is definitely on my list of studies. I can't make promises that I'll be as good as him tho :P

Totally let me know when you're ready if you want my services! 

I'm on twitter too if thats more your thing:

Also my Email is 


I suppose it's an archetypical look. I kind of have one myself.

Make art only you can make. Frank Miller makes his own thing, amazing stuff and worth study for sure. He was one of my bigger stylistic inspirations when forging my style.

I'll keep in touch, it could be several months from now anyway. Gives you time to experiment with style if you want, I quite like the detail you put in.

Twitter is my main platform too, will follow with both my personal (bear) account and my art one.

2 months ago

Wow you make some damn good art! I'm aspiring to be a comic book artist too. I even have an idea that I'm working on with another bear. It's coming along very slowly (What with balancing work and trying to dedicate time to practicing and coming up with concept art), but I'm enjoying the journey there. I'll have to follow your instagram!

Do you have your prices for commissions anywhere? 

2 months ago

@gonzabear hey thanks alot! I saw you follow me, I had a feeling you were a bear :)

My commission rates are based on the piece, DM me what you want and we can work something out :)

2 months ago

Sure thing! I'll get back to ya soon.