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Looking for Font Ideas for Comic

Started by GonzaBear in Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff 3 weeks ago

I'm working on my own comic series with the help of a Bear. 

He's written out a script for the first issue, and I'm working on character turn around sheets. But, there's something that I'm struggling with.

It's having a font for the title, “Fire-Light: Tales of Las Babylon”. 

The overall idea of the story is that its of the super hero genre, taking inspiration from the likes of Spider-Man, The Punisher, some Shonen Manga/Anime, myth and fantasy. The setting is the 25th century in California. long after a Mega Quake that opens up a gate to the underworld, leading to the return of demons, and creatures thought to be myth. Mankind finds itself ruled over their new masters. In the mega-city, Las Babylon, two vigilantes rise and patrol the streets of the city, which is ruled by criminals, monsters, and other problems that people face in a technologically advanced urban environment.


The story will look into themes of wrath, and explore the things we've learned over the years on the Bear streams and as well as Biblical themes. 

I wanted to come up with a font that fits with the idea of the story. I'd appreciate if any Bears would give me suggestions. Even better, if any of you have experience in designing your own fonts, I'd be happy to commission you for fonts that I could use. I mainly got by so far by using Calligrapher

This site helped me come up with a font for a rough title for a  side story idea that I hope to work on too someday.



3 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

This is what I managed to come up with.