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Crushing with Cultured Foods

Cultured foods are ancestral, biblical and fuel the body we were designed to live WELL in.  

This group is for solution based bears, if you are attached to a diagnosis you were given, meaning it defines you, this may not be the right saloon for you.

Still here?  Great!  Let's get started by asking the following questions:

  1.  Am I sick?

  2.   Am I following the recommendations and treatment plan of a medical professional?

  3.   Am I getting better, or at minimum am I maintaining my initial level of health?

  4.   Is my quality of life increasing?

  5.   Are the side effects and cascading events from interventions improving my health or further deteriorating it?

  6.   Am I well?

You can do this the hard way or the easy way.  I did it the hard way.  I was given cultured foods six years ago and I rejected it. 

When God sends us a gift or a sign, we tend to reject it until we are brought to our knees or another rock bottom~and there can be several "rock bottoms" in our lives:  physical, mental, spiritual and material.  My physical rock bottom happened six months ago, and I submitted to making cultured foods a part of my daily life. 

Disclaimer:  Nothing I say has been approved by the FDA (thank God).  I am not a medical professional and I am not giving medical advice.  If you are on a treatment plan NEVER stop taking medications or quit a protocol cold turkey, doing so can kill you or result in the death of loved ones around you.  It's no joke.  Getting sick usually takes decades of abuse.  Getting well doesn't happen overnight either.

NO ONE is having more fun than us. Let's get started!

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