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Crushing with Cultured Foods

Is the word "virus" being used wrong?

Started by BEARYhappy in Crushing with Cultured Foods 3 weeks ago

I understood BB's line of thinking, that a virus isn't real. 

Whatever we want to call illness, it happens; there is a lot we can do about it and fear is not a solution.  I am not talking about the "common cold beer" sickness.  I don't care if anyone believes me, I never thought it was more than a normal common cold, which I wouldn't waste any time on.  I was relieved BB was disgusted with anyone who got upset about it, it is not worth a single moment of our time. 

God designed our bodies to filter, to protect, to grow, to build--it's phenomenal!  It's our temple, we're meant to care for it, a vehicle provided us for moving through this physical life.

Of course there are words being used wrong because most scientists and doctors are "operating on bad information."

Here are a few resources which have helped me understand the best way to make a body well~and none of these resources are accepted by mainstream anything, they have all paid a price for speaking the truth in their field (Donna is an exception as a civilian;  If she were a professional she would have paid a price).  Donna's audience is insanely small considering her expertise. 

Every single one of them addressed the retarded beer virus for their audience, which is too bad, it means for all the teaching they do and for all their sacrifices professionally, their audience is still allowing fear to dictate emotion, and that must be extremely frustrating for them too. 

Dr. Jennifer Daniels:  she developed a turpentine protocol

Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych:  an immunologist who gets it

Donna Schwenk:  she very likely knows more about all the microbes which make up our bodies than anyone

I don't know exactly what makes me sick when it's not a bacteria or yeast, the three ladies listed above know a lot more about it than I do so I invest time and energy in what they have to say.  I like their work and don't want them to go away, so I support them where there is a paywall too.

Dr. Obukhanych grew up in the Ukraine where cultured foods were a normal part of life.  Here is a free lecture explaining why a "virus" would not want to kill its host:

I pay $100/year for access to Dr. Obukhanych's site Building Bridges in Children's Health (even though my five kids are grown).  Every month she teaches a lecture on a topic, this Saturday's was about the common cold beer virus, I imagine there was a lot of demand from her audience.  I was not interested even though I know she would have had the best perspective, I just don't care about it. :)

Looking forward to BB sleuthing the illness thread.  Here is what I know.  God made me, he gave me a body, it's my job to keep it well so that I am not too sick, tired or frightened to do His will.  Ilness and sickness are brands, marketed & lucrative; by choosing not to consume those brands I am doing everything within my power to destroy the evil "it" promotes.  The easiest thing in the world is to choose not to consume what degrades our bodies, our spirit and our minds.  Wellness is also branded, marketed and is lucrative.  I despise multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, fads and any other "wellness" brand which cares far less if it's effective for you long term than if it builds a company's bank account.

God created us, most of what we consider a pathogen or illness only degrades us or causes us harm because we have not treated our own physical body as a temple.  Fact.


I really wish I hadn't internalized the commands of my oppressors wasting 30 years on sex, lots of drugs, and rock-n-roll. The only real positive was Pink Floyd, but I did end up being blessed by God with a Son and he's starting out at 21 with his own apartment and a fiance'. No major debt and they are working on children as I write, we even discussed the best day when she ovulates, so I'm praying for some grandchildren. Anyway, after hearing Dr. Kaufman on Crrow's stream I have no doubt "Germ Theory" is as bad as all other current "scientific" theories we are operating under, while that elusive curvature keeps slipping away. Someday they keep hoping, Someday we'll find that darn curvature!! Viruses aren't alive and can not be spread from human to human, game over!! Your sick because you've been taking in tons of toxins over the Winter months and your body is eliminating them from the system. Stop the intake of poisons(Doritos, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, etc.) and I'm thinking life expectancy goes waaaaayyyyyyy up, while sickness would go waaaaayyyyyy down!

Thanks for the thread and the great info, much appreciated,

Missouri Bear

3 weeks ago

Spot on Missouri Bear!  In my community the "thin & healthy" women get cancer.  The live on sugar free, fat free, diet food.  Go figure!  They look thin so people assume they are healthy, aaannnnd then they're dead!  I used to scratch my head and then considered what they eat, they're at the other end of the morbidly obese scale.

I love science, but there isn't much of it about these days!  My dad, a biologist, raised me that science and religion, in truth, are in harmony.  I see it everywhere there isn't a white coat or alphabet agency. :)

As a human we are physically fragile in one sense, while being ridiculously hard to kill/eliminate in another.  God created the perfect vessel and gave us the guidance to allow it to thrive, until our time is up~and we never know when or why that will be, which is why we must not fear it.

3 weeks ago

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