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Crushing with Cultured Foods

You're Dying of Complications of ___________, NOT KungFlu. Be well.

Started by BEARYhappy in Crushing with Cultured Foods 3 weeks ago

My oldest sister, mid 50's and morbidly obese her entire life ("morbidly obese", we could just stop there) had a stem cell transplant this week IN SEATTLE.  Would it be tragic for my family if she dies?  Of course.  Would the cause of death be some KungFlu?  No, that's simply a complication of being morbidly obese for life and a stem cell transplant. 

My brother in law, over 60, a smoker and heavy drinker/druggie most his life is also going through chemo right now.  Do you really believe that in the last few weeks whatever is floating around can take the CREDIT for killing him, should he die of complications of his life choices?

Once, right before I got sober and cleaned up, my youngest sister said, "I will take your five kids and raise them, but I won't give them back once I have them."  My husband said, "I care about you, but I don't love you anymore."


That's when I submitted to God.

Whatever takes me, and whenever it takes me, I know I have spent the past ten years working to live as long as possible, for my kids kids as the bear said, completely comfortable with the idea my death could very well be out of my hands and happen at any time.  What is in my power? Making my body, mind and spirit strong.

Anyone who falls back on drugs or drinking or beating off or eating themselves to death because of the chances and changes of this material world?  Because they can't set up chairs for an NBA game?  They are not living in fear of God only and any tiny upset in their lives will derail them. 

I am a TOUGH love person. 

Get well, ask God what His will is and accept the changes and chances of this world are completely out of your control; do what is in your own hands everyday to live in God's guidance, because when you actually do?  Nothing material will derail you or fill you with despair.  Before all this nonsense my household grew, is growing, closer and closer to losing our home, to losing our primary way of making a living, am I in despair??? NO.  Do you think anyone who found out they have terminal cancer is like, "oh shit, you can't set up those chairs for an NBA game, mahhhhhnnnn that's awful--your life is really turnt upside down huh?!?" 

Rant over.

Here is a kefir bread recipe for those who believe food is their medicine, and act on it.



What are your thoughts on flour and gluten? 

3 weeks ago

Historically when we ate grains, they were sprouted or fermented, you can have just about anything if it's sprouted or fermented.  Wheat used to be left in the fields overnight after being cut down, the morning dew would initiate the sprouting process.  Wheat is harvested immediately, that step doesn't exist anymore. 

The process of "quick raising" bread was begun to be able to make loaves every 6-12 hours vs. every 24 hours--it was based on economics, not how our body processes wheat. 

Sprouted grains are easily digested, processed grains are not easily digested and cause GI issues for many. 

Kefir bread can take 36-48 hours to get through the first and second raise.  Using kefir makes this a predigested food, it's the same as using a sourdough starter. 

Glysophates in wheat are what cause GI, IBS and other digestion problems for many.  Cultured foods capture and eliminate many offending toxins.

Of course immunizations prime our body for allergic reactions to the medium they were cultured in (eggs, wheat, embryonic cells, etc). 

In the past I only bought organic products because I wanted to support those growers.  I know they don't have closed systems and their food is still contaminated.  I can't afford to only by organic now so while I source the best products possible, it's another concession I am capable of making, knowing the cultured foods will be helping me eliminate toxins I don't want in me.  I despise GMO foods and avoid them as much as possible.

All that said, if a persons guts are a wreck and rotting?  Then no, they won't tolerate much. :) That was me about 8 months ago, and I was eating very, very clean.

Hope that's helpful!  These are literally my short answers. :/

3 weeks ago
*I have a sibling who eats "gluten free", know what she eats?  Coca-cola, candy, microwaveable food--all labeled "gluten free".  IMO it's a misdiagnosis for most and they end up eating non-food products and still being very sick. :( Gluten and flour are not the enemy, how they are produced and processed can make them poison.
3 weeks ago


 Thanks for the thoughtful reply. My wife doesn't want me eating gluten, which is why I asked. The kefir bread looks amazing. So this bread would have gluten, made with regular GMO flour, but wouldn't have the harmful effects of modern gluten and glyphosate because of how you make it? It ends up not being harmful? Just trying to understand. It would be nice to have a good bread option.
3 weeks ago
Your wife may know a lot more about gluten, especially as it relates to your health, because she knows you best.  Would you like a link to a video which explains it really well?  It's not my video but it was super helpful for me!
3 weeks ago

Here it is, it's by Donna, of course, and my comments you will recognize from her video.  She calls it "Two Women Who Convinced Me to Make My Own Bread".

Fermented and cultured breads are not gluten free.  Gluten, IMO, is one of those mental blocks we get.  We learn one thing about it and then we cannot hear anything which contradicts our belief.

I am posting a video today about making milk kefir.  I am constantly told by customers they are DAIRY FREE and cannot have milk kefir.  No matter how much I explain kefir grains consume 99.9% of the lactose in cows milk, they just cannot get over an ingredient of cows milk KEFIR is cows milk, but kefir is not cows milk. 

Their mind will not be changed, so I direct them to plant based milk for their grains and kefir.  Some arguments cannot be won because a person is using bad information as their foundation.

3 weeks ago

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