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Crushing with Cultured Foods

Kefir LOVE and Mental Blocks to Words

Started by BEARYhappy in Crushing with Cultured Foods 3 weeks ago

This is a normal conversation I have with people taking my kefir class:

Student:  "Is kefir made with cows milk?"

Me:  "Yes, this class we will be using cows milk."

Student:  "I am lactose intolerant and cannot have cows milk."

Me: "Do you have a terminal allergy to milk, or are you lactose intolerant?"

Student:  "I get gassy, have a lot of pain and it really upsets my digestive system."

Me:  "That's okay!  KEFIR, made with cows milk, is 99.9% lactose free, so if you don't have a terminal allergy to cows milk you will be okay!"

Student:  "Right, but I can't have ANY cows milk."

Me:  "arrrrrghhhhhhhky"

In some ways it is infuriating, but I also used to presume the world was round.  I might have had bad information, or like members of my family who have ZERO stake in the world being flat or a globe, I might be passionately attached to a word, I have an emotional bond with the word and no facts, data or even physical evidence will sway me.

The original dairy ingredient for standard milk kefir was goats milk; goats milk is prohibitively expensive to purchase, highly regulated and most of us don't have goats like Owen.

Standard milk kefir uses cow milk.  There are better, cleaner brands you can buy, but I like to show there can be no fear in using crap milk too.

The recipe for milk kefir is:

Milk (1 cup) *always just pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized won't work at all or for long

Kefir Grains (1 tsp to tablespoon depending on how "energized" your grains are)

That is the recipe.  So, you can see how someone who can't have milk or lactose would immediately get a mental and even emotional block to making kefir this way. 

For those who cannot overcome the block you have a lot of options, use a plant or nut based milk or make water kefir (water kefir grains are not the same as dairy grains).


No one knows where grains originated but most religions have an origin story for kefir grains.

"Science" cannot recreate grains in a lab.

Grains are extremely resilient, killed only by high temperatures and starvation. 

They can take a beating, they can be frozen and dehydrated and still be revived.

Grains reproduce at a rapid pace, so tired, older grains can be retired, fed to animals or returned to the earth.

Once you source grains, hopefully for free from a community member, you should never have to source them again and they will live for generations if tended to.

My grains could be handed down for generation after generation.

Milk kefir grains consume 99.9% of the lactose in the milk they are fed. 

Kefir is no longer milk, grains transform it into a predigested probiotic rich nutrient dense food.

That's not even touching on the health benefits of making and drinking kefir.

Kefir costs 20 cents for 4 ounces homemade with store bought milk in Alaska, it is not an expensive food.

Today was a KEFIR LOVE video.


 How do you get the grains? How do you grow the grains? How long do you let the grains sit in the milk?

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2 weeks ago

I have not signed up for SG2.0 yet, I keep meaning to!

1.  I would try to source grains via any social media group in your area.  Otherwise you can mail order them from a lot of places online.

My original grains came from: ;

I also ordered some from Donna recently to see how they differ:

2.  Grains reproduce on their own as long as they have a constant food source.

3.  Grains should turn milk into kefir within 24 hours.  If it takes longer than 48 hours your grains are too weak or something has happened to them.

4.  Ideal temperature for a 24 hour cycle is household (65-70)

5.  Two factors affect the speed your milk will turn to kefir:  the ratio of grains to milk and the temperature of your home/their environment

6.  As your grains reproduce you have to either take away some of the grains or increase the amount of milk you use, and you will find the amount you want to make everyday and learn the amount of grains:milk to keep your production consistent.

Let me know if you have anymore questions?  Alaska is impossible to ship from or I would happily send you some grains--well, it depends on where you are really! 

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