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Crushing with Cultured Foods


Started by BEARYhappy in Crushing with Cultured Foods 2 weeks ago

... prepping and chopping is my life right now as I cut pounds and pounds of vegetables everyday to put in the bellies of community members. 

Here is the recipe for HOT SWEET PEPPERS pictured below.

This recipe should make 12 pints, which is 24 cups, which is A LOT, but my husband just ate a pint in one sitting, so there is that.

6 pounds mini sweet peppers, sliced

12 jalapeno peppers, sliced

4 oz. of sliced ginger (matchstick sized)

2 tablespoons celtic sea salt

1 package Cutting Edge Cultures or you can use whey from your kefir (don't have kefir???? Whaaaat???)

                 Empty one packet into a cup of room temp filtered water and let it energize while you are chopping your veggies.

Juice of one Lime

3-6 tablespoons of honey (I had never added that before, I added it tonight, will let you know how it goes, ha ha).

1.  Put all the vegetables into a large wooden or stainless bowl.

2.  Add all the dry ingredients and massage gently with your hands, or a wooden spoon.

3.  Add the cup of prepared culture powder, lime juice and honey.

4.  Mix together well.

5.  Add everything to your large two gallon crock.

6.  Top off with filtered water, leaving an inch or two at the top.

7.  Add your weights and your lid or air lock lid, depending on your vessel.

8.  Culture for 3 days, on a counter, out of direct sunlight.

9.  On the third day test the pH, if you are selling to customers or sharing with friends, it should be below 4.6.

10.  Pour everything back into a massive stainless bowl.

11. Scoop evenly into 12 pint jars (use a slotted spoon so just the vegetables go in the jars).

12.  Then pour your liquid into a pitcher and top off every jar.

13.  Cap, rinse jar and move to the cooler/refrigerator.


Tomorrow I will share more about how cultured foods compliment low-carb eating, like Keto, because someone asked, I knew nothing about Keto...

Here are some flowers that match the batch of vegetables I made last today.  When I'm not being the wife, or the mom or the culture lady, I am also a florist.  Ever notice how every single sitcom, movie etc. ALWAYS has floral arrangements in them?  Gravy?  Maybe not, but BEAUTIFUL anyway.  Getting closer to flowers from the garden and the ground season!

2 weeks ago