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Welcome new members!

Started by GargoyleBear in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 1 year ago
Hi, welcome to the group everyone who is new. Please feel free to post a little bit about yourself, feel free to stay anonymous. I’m hoping to create a community of like-minded people here in San Diego.
1 year ago

I am twenty five, I moved to San Diego for work about five years ago. I found a new church after visiting about 10+. Hoping to find new friends and create a community as it is difficult to find like minded people here. I do junk hauling and swimming pool service as a profession. 

I look forward to talk to and meet the rest of you!

1 year ago
What’s up @GargoyleBear  I’m out here for work as well. Just moved from Illinois about a month and a half ago. Glad to be out of the cold. Hope all is well!
1 year ago

Welcome to California! 

Everything is going pretty well, just glad that my work is considered "essential". Are you in California, or down here in San Diego? Glad you reached out. I look forward to talking with you in the future.

GargoyleBear - Joel

1 year ago

I live in North San Diego county in Vista. I work in San Diego. 

11 months ago

Hello Folks,

    I have been living in SD since 2004. Glad to find a group of bears in San Diego! My wife and I have 4 boys and we live in the La Mesa area. I am currently working from home and loving it, it will be hard to head back to work. 

Jim R.


11 months ago

Welcome Jim,

Glad you joined the group, it seems like most people are in the same boat with loving the working from home life. Hopefully everything is going well with you, and in the future i'll look forward to meeting you.

Thanks again,

Joel (GargoyleBear)

11 months ago

Hi Bears!

I was born and raised in Oceanside and I've been living in Poway for two years now (there are some great hiking trails here!). I'd love to meet you all! I hope everyone is enjoying the "quarantine" as much as I am.

Natalie (KravMagaBear)

11 months ago

Hi Bears!

30 year old single male. Born/raised in Del Mar, moved away for education, but back in SD for the past three years for work. Planning the bear trail of my own (Oregon homestead is the goal). Good to find like minded people. 

Looking forward to connecting sometime. Despair/Fear is the real virus these days.

11 months ago

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to know if any bears wanted to meet up in the coming weeks or months? I'm working from home these days during the week, and would be great to build a community of solid people that meet up from time to time to exchange some gravy and kick back on the weekend.


10 months ago

Hey Jacob, welcome. Been awhile since I checked in here. It would be great to get to know the other SD County bears. Put me and my wife down to meetup sometime..


10 months ago
I'd love to meet up! Maybe we could do a bear hike sometime? I'm definitely up for other suggestions too.
10 months ago
That’s a great idea. Maybe a large meet up somewhere between LA and SD?
10 months ago

That'd be a fun idea. Bear Hike, Bear Hangout, Bear's just up for what people can do.

We've got four of us so far, and can see if anyone else hits up this channel for catching up. I'd think a coffee spot would be a great way to start things, with the option to something else after the meetup (if people wanted to).

9 months ago

I'm think a great idea is to start by chatting online. Can setup a Skype or Google Chat for anyone interested.

Just ping me on my email:  Can get it setup in the next few weeks and catch up with like minded people!
9 months ago

Hello Bears,

Born and raised in ND (MN being my second home state). Moved to San Diego in early 2000. Currently considering moving back to the Midwest in the near future.

9 months ago
Hey Bears! Currently living in Escondido. I'm down for a meetup anytime and get to know more like minded friends
9 months ago

Welcome Intrepid Bear and Derek. Glad to see this group growing.

So let's get this bear hike and coffee going, we shouldn't need to worry about any mountain lions with so many bears.

I am @dagoking on insta. Or I can be reached at

9 months ago

Awesome Derek, GalacticScout! Let me ping you guys and we can get something setup either next weekend or the weekend after.

Anyone watching Beartaria? Talk about some serious energy these days!

9 months ago
Great to meet you guys! Would love to get something going in the area. I'm somewhat flexible with time (have a 7 year old and 6 month old). Let's def stay in touch and work something out. My email is  Also known as Don_Pettit Bear 
9 months ago

Hey Don_Pettit Bear!

I'll splice you into an email chain and see about meeting up soon!

8 months ago

San Diego in da house!!! 

I'm a Los Angeles native, lived in Mammoth Lakes for almost 10 years, and ended up in San Diego following my then boyfriend, now husband, out of the mountains and back to the beach (he surfs, I sunbathe!).

We ended up buying a house in Lakeside on a little land, got me a horse, planted a garden, and are working our way to self sufficiency. 

He has his own business as a heavy equipment mechanic, I'm currently on unemployment. We have time to spare to get together. Just say when and where! 

Looking forward to getting to know you all! 

Vilia aka Luganbear 

8 months ago

Howdy Bears!

I am a van life bear with mobility on my side. Just moved to Chula Vista in May. The G.I. Bill is covering my "education" and figured SDSU would be a cool spot to transfer to since there are a lot of job opportunities in my career field out here. 

I recently headed out to Black's Beach by myself, started a lil campfire, caught some waves, and played some ukelele. That attracted some sodomites to my camp. Eventually they left. I had a great night meditating and creating tunes! Hoping to do something similar but with some bears next time.

I fell for the devil's temptations a few years back, leaving my first marriage and getting into credit card debt. Got some land in Georgia and Nebraska and hope to find a gal crazy enough to leave the city to go start a homestead with me on my land.

Anyone interested in either being my children's mother or having a fire on the beach shoot me an email

8 months ago
Hey guys, I'm a SD native. I live in Chula Vista right now. I'd love to hangout with you guys. A hike or going to the beach are great plans. You can contact me at my email
7 months ago
Howdy, I live in South Park. Loop me into events:
7 months ago

Aloha San Diego Bears, 

My name is Justin. I moved to San Diego 2 years ago with wife and son . We live in North Park/ University Heights. Looking to build community with some crushers.  I’d love to be in the loop for any plans for meet ups or hikes etc.

IG:  @plane_runnerr   (Justin Bareface)


7 months ago

Hi everyone,

I’m in Orange County so I figured I’d join both the San Diego and LA groups.  I’m 34 married to my lovely stay at home wife and we have two daughters (2 years old and 1 month old).  Looking forward to connecting with local bears!

Bobby (Ticket Bear)

7 months ago

what's up san diego bears?

been listening to owen's streams since early this year.  just signed up on the bear trail map today and heard about bearvibe today when owen was reading a letter.  i'm a SD native mostly in north county and i'm never leaving.  glad to see there are other like-minded people around and look forward to contributing to the network.   BEARTARIA!!  haha

jeg112 on DLive chat

7 months ago
BearTaria! Awesome to see all the new people. Can ping me here or at to know about our meetup planned this weekend!
7 months ago

Hi SD Bears! My name is Clint, I’m married with a beautiful wife and a 4yr old son and a 1yr old daughter. Born and raised in SD, have been listening to the Big Bear stream  since he was in LA. Finally making the step to reach out to other bears here. 

I am now an electrician after being a surfboard shaper for Rusty for 10+years. I’d be happy to make any Bear a board if you are interested in that.  I’m not sure if I can make the meet up this weekend, but definitely the next one.  Also open for a weekend or post 3pm surf !

6 months ago
Hey bears I recently mad an IG account. If you guys have one too, send me your username. Mine is domcam116
5 months ago

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly. My husband and I are both huge Owen fans and both SD natives! We just had our first baby 3 months ago. Would love to stay in touch with fellow Owen fans/bears! My husband sails and makes surfboards, I love music, baking and vintage stuff! Happy to be a part of this group! :-)

4 months ago
Welcome quiet bear I’m in murrieta. 
4 months ago

Wow, it' s great to see several other bears with young kids in the area!  My wife and I live in Tierrasanta with our 3 kids aged 6 months, 3 yrs and 9 yrs. Would love to meet up with whomever is interested.

You can reach me at

Ryan (BusaBear)

4 months ago

Hey all! Thanks for setting up this group and chat. Moved to SD a few years ago and my hobbies include electronics, brewing, knife fighting, cooking, and collecting hobbies.

Really bummed I didn't make Bearsgiving.

Just a note about BB's commentary about Christian Rock being unnecessarily erotic. I was listening to Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" recently (it's a throwback) and realized that the label probably could have put it in a Christian record and still had their hit.

Cannibal Bear

3 months ago

Hey bears! just found out about bear vibe through a bear meet up! so stoked this exists! Im in vista, CA just east of oside. I work for a manufacturing company that makes farming equipment.  Me and my bf can both be found on the beartaria app as well! hope to have more bear meet ups soon!

3 months ago

Hey everyone! My family moved from Vegas to downtown San Diego this summer. I know software engineering and I enjoy building things - real and digital. We're mid twenties our son is about a year old.

I've been watching Owen's stream since he realized the Germans were right about a lot of things haha.

If anyone wants to build something together let me know! I did see Curtis Stone has a pretty good plan for a ½ acre farm that he put together that was pretty affordable and yields enough food for 5 families that each contributed $5,000. Something like that would be cool.

- Nate

3 weeks ago

Hey guys,  I just moved to the area from Colorado where I lived off the grid for a couple years.  Been listening to BB since the  white claw streams but only lurked and now that I am in a new city I would like to connect with like minded people.

  I recently started an herbal supplement company and also build out camper vans and tiny houses/ carpentry/ solar. Would love to help others with any of the above.  Hobbies include diy, bikes, running, wearing 4 masks outside, lifting, lacrosse and surfing.   Hoping to go to the next meetup!


I can be reached at