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San Diego Bears


Started by Lugan Bear in San Diego Bears 1 week ago

Hey Bears!! 

Mark your calendars for Saturday November 7th around noon for a Thanksgiving style potluck at our place in Lakeside, CA. 

I'll be asking for RSVPs soon, but feel free to send me an email sooner so I can start collecting contact info.

Looking forward to breaking bread with you all!! 

Vilia and Matt Baird

Such a wonderful idea. Count me in!
6 days ago

Hey Vilia, Matt!

Looking forward to it, count me in as well! Should be a good time of logos and gravy...literal gravy this time if I can figure out how to make some.


J-Bear - Jacob

6 days ago


I'm not making gravy because I'm embarrassed to admit I use the just add water foil packet things. Mostly because we usually deep fry a turkey so there's no drippings. For this event we're going to smoke a turkey breast, so I don't even have giblets to work with. But don't worry, I AM making cheesecake!

5 days ago
Going to check calenders, but tentatively count me in! Is there a cap on people like the LA meet ups?
2 days ago

HWBear, awesome! Hope y'all can make it!! 


As far as a cap goes, meh, kinda, but not really. I can't host everyone and their mother (which is why I'm only posting this in the San Diego group) but we do have some breathing room out here.

 I have three tables and 16 chairs between inside and outside. I don't really have one giant space for everyone to all sit together, but we can spread out and set up tables here and there (out front on the lawn, inside, the side patio). Between the kitchen and tables, we'll have plenty of space to spread out food. If I get more RSVPs than I have seating, I'll ask folks to bring tables and chairs. Parking isn't an issue, but, we only have one bathroom!! 

And we're on a septic system, so imma be reminding everyone to only flush what's allowed, and maybe not even paper that day.

1 day ago

Sounds delicious! Count me in.

15 hours ago