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Started by Morning Bear in San Diego Bears 2 weeks ago

Hey y'all! My kids and I will be hanging out with relatives in El Cajon from late November til early January. All the holidays! My kids are 3, 6 and 8. Any bears with similar aged kids they can hang out with? Also, I'm thinking of organizing a bear cookie exchange in December. Anyone in?

-Morning Bear (unbearified)

Hi morning bear!! 

No kids, but we're in Lakeside, not far from El Cajon at all. I'm sure your family is familiar with the area, but if you need ideas for outings, there's no shortage of things to do around here!! If you're hikers, I'd love to tag along! I can probably keep up with the little one!

1 week ago
I really could use suggestions for things to do. Usually we just hang out with family in El Cajon, walking to Wendy's and 7-11 and avoiding the meth heads >_<
1 week ago

Oh no! THAT part of El Cajon, eh? ☹️

A fun half day trip up to the town of Julian. It's a pretty, scenic drive up a twisty, winding road that takes you to a cute little mountain town. The apple pie is to die for, and the sole reason many people take the trip. 

There are a lot of lakes all around us with mellow hiking trails. Lake Jennings rents little aluminum boats for pretty cheap. Picnic and boat ride is always fun, and maybe someone could cast out a line and catch a bass or trout! 

El Monte County Park is gorgeous. There's a steep trail up the hillside from the park that takes you to a road cut along one side of the valley. It's an animal highway so you'll see plenty of types of skat. Could be educational?

1 week ago

Aww man, this cut off over half my message! ☹️ I have chores to get to now, but I'll compose all the ideas I have into an email over the next couple days and shoot that over to you if you share your email with me..


1 week ago