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Sandy Paws

Started by Lugan Bear in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 2 weeks ago

Who needs a break from crushing and wants to spend an afternoon soaking up some sun in the sand? This bear! So I want to know who's coming with me and when are we going? 

Let me know if you're interested in going to Oceanside Marina some upcoming Saturday or Sunday and I'll start planning a beach day.

 Why Oceanside? So OC and LA can join us, of course! And it has lots of parking, easy access, decent surf for the water bears, a good beach for the cubs, and bonfire rings if we get stuck on trying to figure out why water finds it level everywhere else but the ocean…

2 weeks ago

Dave and i are interested…what dates 

2 weeks ago

@lauren-alexis not sure what dates yet. Depends on folks' availability if it's a small group. 

I'll keep you posted!! 

2 weeks ago

@lugan-bear ok sounds good

2 weeks ago

I'd be interested, depending on the dates.

2 weeks ago

always interested if the dates work :)! 

2 weeks ago

interested as well!

1 week ago

Great idea. I'm down to come as well. Let us know!

6 days ago

@intrepidbear @ojmoore23 @hwbear @lauren-alexis @NoMoreMoney @J-Bear  

Time to get this planned out! Let me know which Saturdays work or don't work for ya:

Sat May 1

Sat May 8 (Sun 5/9 is mother's day)

Sat May 15

6 days ago

@LiteraryBear see above..

6 days ago

I'm slammed right now and not sure of my sched in May. So go ahead and plan. I'll try to make it whenever. Thanks!

6 days ago

Ok. I'm hopeful this is the first of many beach days!! 

Keep crushing!!

5 days ago

Hey May 1st sounds awesome! May 15th also works.

I would love to go, but will be in Texas by May 1st. I'll grab the next meet up if I'm back by then. Keep crushing!

3 days ago

Any of those days may works, though I may be on vacation the 1st.

2 days ago

It's hard to say which one in advance but we might be able to make it one of those Saturdays!

16 hours ago

Just chiming in…so any and every Sunday I am off, but if it's a Saturday you pick I will do my best to make it because thankfully it's not too far away.  I am still trying to work my schedule to get out there on the 24th for the Fallbrook gathering.  I currently have a newly impregnated employee (not from me!!!) whom is nervous by nature and scheduled that day.  She missed three days this week, but regardless my issue is if she's will make it into work that day I will be there but if not I need to cover so I am still in limbo.  Perhaps TMI…but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Regardless, hope to see you all at the beach for this oceanside gathering.  Thanks Lugan Bear for getting more Bears together.