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Beachtaria - Sandy Paws v2.0

Started by Lugan Bear in San Diego Bears (Southern California) 3 weeks ago


Saturday May 8th

Oceanside Harbor Beach


B.Y.O. Everything

I'm aiming to set up our ez-up right in front of **Parking Lot 10** towards the water. I'll put up a pirate flag since I don't have a beartaria flag, yet.

The earlier, the better. Looks like there's a lot of parking, but no clue how quickly it can fill up! We'll be there around 8am, if anyone else wants to get in an early wave riding session with Matt.

BYO Everything: The isn't the venue for a potluck. I'm not asking folks to bring tables and such... Just bring your own picnic basket with whatever you need for you or your family for a day at the beach.

Things to bring:

Sunscreen, hat, shade

Towels, blanket, chairs

Water, snacks

Toys, bikes

A fun, relaxed attitude

Things to leave behind:

Booze, glass containers

Signage, petitions

Your kooky, vaxxed friends 

If you have any questions, please let me know! Looking forward to seeing you there!

2 weeks ago

Sounds great, I'll do my best to make it

2 weeks ago

Sounds good!

1 day ago

I missed the get together. How was the beach?