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Started by DragonBear in East Tennessee Bears 3 months ago

I asked this on another discussion but thought i would get more exposure with a new discussion. My wife and I want to move to East Tennesse and start a home stead. We are looking for suggestions of communities that are homestead friendly. Locations that are close to moderately sized cities because we will likely still need to be working, at least in the beginning. 

We are also looking for income sources on a homestead. logging was one thing that came to mind but this requires a large acreage of land. we are looking in the range from 2-10 acres. If we went big like 100 acres to log we would likely end up with debt so that is probably out of the question. 

Hello! We found land to start a Homestead in the area between Knoxville and Chattanooga. I don't know how Homestead friendly it is, but there are plenty of farms around here and the people are wonderful.
3 months ago
I was born in Chatt, raised in Knox. Knoxville is getting pretty popular in general. The best moves I think would be either very east or west knox. South towards maryville is nice and if youre anywhere west of the city you'll get closer to the lakes. I grew up west Knoxville. But melancholy Bear is also crushing for sure in that area. Land gets pretty cheap just outside city limits near 75 and 40 south/west respectively
3 months ago

awsome thanks for the input. we are looking in the knoxville, tri city, and chattanooga region mostly. sounds like melancholy is out in the country more. we have not determined how rural we want to get. 30-60 minute drive from a metro area is what we are looking for. my skills are CAD based with construction so right now it looks like we will be relying on that for a living until the homestead is really established. which is find i like what i do, just rying to figure out how to blend it with self sustainablility. 

Zach i have heard rumors a major drug problems in Knox can you confirm?

3 months ago

I would say as much as any other university town, the further away you are from north or east knox the better if memory serves. I live in Nashville now but so much family is there I visit often.

2 months ago
yea most of my job opportunities are in nashville but we want to be in a smaller city where a 30 minute drive gets you to a small town where you can have land. definitely  considering just trying to live off the land on cheap land with a double wide until we can afford to build our own. 
2 months ago
Loudon, McMinn and Polk Counties are good choices. Lots of beautiful and fertile land and low taxes. But as much land as you can comfortably afford in cash. I have an acre and a garden; it’s awesome! Come on with it and let’s hang when you get here!
3 weeks ago


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You get it. 

3 weeks ago
@RuggedPossum  thanks for the input. im still trying to balance work/income and homesteading. my skills are very computer based so unless i found a remote gig i would need to be close to a city. Also struggling with finding the land with a house for a decent price. TN taxes are low but property value is high. We have 3 kids and  hope for more so tiny home or camping out till we build a house doesn't seem like a viable option. So im working on saving for as big of a down payment as possible so my mortgage is minimal. we will check out those counties when we visit the end of this month
3 weeks ago
We are digging around the tri city ar this weekend and Knoxville  next week to scope out the area.  We would bre interested in a bear meet up if anyone else is.  585-545-1300
4 days ago