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Started by DragonBear in East Tennessee Bears 7 months ago
wondering how the pandemic reaction is where your guys are. how many people are wearing masks? how many churches stayed open?
6 months ago

It’s getting worse, but despair not; we are moving to address the fight that has recently come to our front doors. The TN Supreme Court has recently placed mask mandates on attorneys, defendants, staff, etc. I will not stand for this. My friends and colleagues will not stand for this.  If you, anyone you know, or any lawyer you or anyone else knows is willing to fight this tyrannical retardation, come on and hit me up or send ‘em my way. I am an East Tennessee attorney, currently building alliances to launch a legal offensive. I am neither alone nor incapable, but we need all the resources we can muster.  It’s time to get back on the front foot again! 

Most churches cucked; ours did and we haven’t been back. Bible study this morning with my kids and tomorrow night with my rugby club. We are still crushing, regardless of nonsensical fear porn. 

5 months ago
@RuggedPossum   any news as of late? I'm casually strolling through the near-by chats (I'm from knoxville) and I live near nashville now but I like to check in on the home front. 
5 months ago

What's up my East Tennessee Brethren?!?! Well, I live about 40 miles south of Knox, but have to be in the city a couple times a week.  Every restaurant and bar is masked up, along with all the stores.  I have stayed away from anything near Downtown, Old City or West Knox, but have been to a few places on the outskirts and have had no problems sitting down for a meal with friends.  

A sweet mask exemption letter from my doctor did the trick for court purposes, but that has resulted in substantial backbiting from the 'minions of justice.'  No worries though; practice is still doing well. All other attorneys that were interested in obtaining the same relief simply put on a silly mask and went about their business, which, to a certain degree, I understand.  They may comply with nonsense if they wish, but I shall not.  However, I have had several attorneys and cops inquire about how to obtain an exemption.  Also, I have been to a few courts and jails and explained that I have a medical exemption; when I returned, they had modified their signs to indicate that a medical exemption was an exception to their mask mandate.  That is valuable progress in my estimation.  

No masks at rugby shindigs either haha!

Hope all is well over there in the middle, but I would wager that Nashville is pretty nutty right now... Take it easy and feel free to hit me up if you're ever back East.  Peace, brother.

1 month ago

i've been getting by, explaining that i am the harbinger of divine wrath upon all mankind; so, religious exemption.

1 month ago

@RuggedPossum recommended a bear-adjacent doctor who gave me a letter so that I don't have to wear a suffocator!

1 month ago

Wow, I need to find a doctor like that

1 month ago

I visited Newport and Pigeon Forge in July and didn't have any problems and am sad to hear things have declined. I plan to move to Newport in the next 1-2 years and will not put up with any of the mask shit. @RuggedPossum you are crushing it good job

1 month ago

when we were in pigeon forge in August it was about half masks. some guy kindly said to me “you know, you should be wearing one of these” as he pointed to the mask. i said Why they dont do anything. to which he kindly responded “I disagree”. THen i asked him if he could smell a fart through a mask and he just smiled. I knew i had him it was hilarious. 


@Johnnybear we are on a few year play also. Although as a northerner i am going ot miss the snow of NY. 

1 month ago

Chattanooga is full-on stock NPC extras, all over town.

3 weeks ago

@DragonBear I got two of three rentals sold and hope to free up some more cash this year and start building down there 

2 weeks ago

@JohnnyBear  i may have already said this on the thread, I have a few rentals i was ready to sell and pull 401k out but got the impressions through prayer I needed to be patient. so i followed through with the refinancing to 15 year fixed. get my debt down as much as possible for when we do move. east TN seems like a good place to have rentals with the low property taxes

1 week ago

@DragonBear That's what happened to me last couple years when I considered selling. And I prayed about it and kept the rentals until now and it was the best time to sell for me so far, and I got tens of thousands of dollars more for them and got out right as tenants were struggling to pay

1 week ago

yea the market is stil hot which is why i want to sell. but we have been SUPER blessed in that none of the rent roll has been late all of last year. 

1 week ago

Market could go much higher who knows