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East Tennessee Bears

Just wanted to say hi from the Cumberland Gap!

Started by Bryan Edds in East Tennessee Bears 1 month ago

Hey y'all. You're the closest bear unit to me, so I figured I'd say hi!

I'm a little bit far away, so here's the group I started -


Hi Bryan,

Thanks for writing. Hi!

Hopefully, we can gather more bears near each of us, then arrange a meetup somewhere north of Knoxville, meeting half-way. Or even down at our homestead, if you can ever make the drive. Or near you too. Any which way is fine with us. Maybe next year.

We still haven't moved out there full time. Back here in central TX, we've had some bear meetups, and wow--they do not disappoint. Bears are awesome! We can't wait to do the same in TN. Meeting bears, exchanging phone numbers, and starting a private group chat on the Signal app has proven very helpful and a big encouragement to all of us--particularly now.

Keep crushing! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need some bear support.

p.s. What's your bear name?

1 month ago

Great to hear back from you!

Yes, I think a short drive will be worth it when you get another event together!

As to my bear name, ehhhhh, I dunno! Maybe Bearyan! Lol, i dunno!

Keep me posted!

- Bearyan (lol)

1 month ago


I’m just south of Knoxville, but lived in Johnson City for several years. NE TN and SW VA are glorious. Where you at approximately?

Kelly aka RuggedPossum

4 weeks ago
I'm in Ewing, VA!
4 weeks ago

We are digging around the tri city ar this weekend and Knoxville  next week to scope out the area.  We would bre interested in a bear meet up if anyone else is.  585-545-1300

1 week ago