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What’s everyone playing?

Started by 12ga Bear - Lou in Gaming Bears 1 year ago

I’m getting back into Rainbow Six: Siege on PC. But i have a ton of other games if anyone is interested.

Message me for my user info and we can find something to play!

1 year ago

My go to games on PC are Civ 5, Homeworld, and Mount & Blade plus a few others. Havent really gamed in a while, but now with this funny quaruntine business im gonna have a lot of spare time. 

Ive recently been playing MW Ghost on 360 also, usually coinciding with podcast listening. 

Ill post my steam gamer tag when im able to get to the computer. 

1 year ago

Had to join the group just to share this story.  My son, 18 and a gamer, started a game yesterday.  They all log into the Life360 app to track each other.  One gamer takes a real coconut in real life and drives, runs, walks or bikes to the others house and leaves it with the other person.  Points for each hand off.  At the end of the day the loser is the one with the coconut.  My son decided whoever brings it to our house gets more points because we live the farthest away and most of the boys don't drive or have a car. ha ha  They dropped the coconut off at our house at 11:45 pm.  My son, who started the game, ended up with it at the end of the day. 

I LOVE it.

I said, "so you were all told to stay in your rooms and NOW you want to leave and be in the sunshine and fresh air?"


1 year ago
Haha legendary, if playing hot coconut gets people out of the quarantine that’s great news. Great story
1 year ago
I play mostly modern warfare but I'm playing less lately I've got so much going on around the homestead. 
1 year ago

I have that too, no homestead yet myself (debt free first) and work keeps me fairly busy so I don't play as much as i used to. I play on PC though. 

Glad to hear you’re crushing. 

1 year ago
My son, the gamer,  plays League of Legends, "mostly".  His words.  Alright, I just shared with him the games you are all playing, just for kicks. He's 18 so if he can't handle himself online with others I failed. :)
1 year ago
he did say, "Civ is fun".  Alright, this is a foreign language to me.  We do play a lot of board games at home, but nothing which requires a notebook to keep track of.
1 year ago
Anyone have the new Animal Crossing on the Switch?  I guess there is a way to play online but my interwebs is often spotty.  Also Minecraft, assorted Mario and Zelda games.  The classics never get old.
1 year ago
I’ve also been doing the classics, super Mario and smash bros on the N64 with my brothers and age of empires in my free time while trying to catch up on Owen’s recent streams haha. Don’t have a switch though unfortunately 
1 year ago

> smash bros on the N64 with my brothers


1 year ago

The classics never get old! Especially when you're continuing 20 years of grudge matches against your brother. 

N64 is the only thing we still play anymore.

1 year ago
I play mostly Counter Strike Global Offensive. I'm always looking for a few good teammates to climb the ranks with. I also play Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Fallout. 
1 year ago
I used to play a bunch of CS:GO. Let myself get distracted by a bunch of other things and games these days but i still go back. Good times
1 year ago
currently playing COD Warzone, VALORANT closed beta (got  a key yesterday) and a bit of Overwatch in between. I have siege and some others but dont play them much. Let me know if anyone wants to play some warzone or valorant. cheers!
1 year ago
PS4, my PSN is TreeTrimmerBear... i play alittle apex legends, warzone, and rainbow... add me and let’s crush!!!!! 
1 year ago


screen name: Judge Goof

That is my friend code on steam. feel free to add me on there boys.

1 year ago
Do any of you bears play LOL? Do you have any suggestions for games i should try with you guys? PC only for me.
1 year ago

I play LOL. Stopped for a while but I’m getting back into it. Played it tons in college when the game was first starting up.

Newest champion when i started playing was Sona. So I’m an old timer. 

Stronkamere on LOL is me

Some of these guys on here are on steam, me included. If ya are interested I’ll add you on steam. 

There’s also the discord here

The link expires in 24hours

1 year ago
Would love to join you my friend, but my NA acc is only lvl 15 something like that cause I'm from Serbia, EUNE. Sadly i couldn't add you on discord cause my Gmail thinks that notifications from this is spam, I've played LOL for last 3 years, Shen and Kench are my mains, any champion in LOL is winnable as tank even Sona for which i got her DJ skin on my EUNE acc, i would like to play with you even on NA, my ping is only at 100-110 playing so it would be fun to collide with you bears. If you could send it again i would be thankful. I haven't opened steam in a long time so I'd have to check if i even have it still on my PC. Here is my IG Serbian_Orthodox_Bear to contact me easier. 
1 year ago

You still have time for that link to work I believe. 

What’s your LOL name? I’ll add you. 

10 months ago
Mostly play PC. War Zone, apex, escape from tarkov, pubg, seige,  stardew valley, farm sim 19, dont play as much as I used to but get on every once and while. 
10 months ago


 Lots of overlap there with games I own. Perhaps I'll see ya around!
9 months ago

I'm more of a collector now than a gamer, but I like the round-based multiplayer FPS games out there like Killing Floor 1 & 2 and Warhammer Vermintide.

I also picked up a lot of games to play with my nieces, so have a bunch of Switch games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Smash Brothers, and so on.  Also have a bunch of steam games that allow for coop like Children of Morta, Castle Crashers, etc.  Lastly, have picked up an online CCG called shadowverse.  It's kinda a foreign anime-esque version of Hearthstone.
My hard drive with my steam collection died this week so for now just openRA (original red alert), original doom (and mods), and I guess my own game
8 months ago
Satisfactory, Grim Dawn, MOTHERGUNSHIP. Wide variety of genres. Strictly PC gaming for a long, long time.
8 months ago
I play on xbox and my username is MrNiceGuyShadow and make sure you send a message saying bearvibe so I know its from here and I play overwatch and paladins and pokemon
8 months ago

Yo Bears! Just picked up Grim Dawn  on PC and loving it. My buddies are starting a group that will play Sea of Theives as well. 

My wife and I are near the end of Divinity Original Sin 2 on PS4 and we have loved every minute of it. Highly recommended.

8 months ago

Play Siege, Dead by Daylight, and a few other games on PS4. 

PSN: green_dragon310 

If you friend me write something like “I’m a bear” just so I know you aren’t a bot. 

8 months ago
I play pokemon go, and sword/shield, and let's go pikachu/eevee, y, sun, and ultra sun
8 months ago

@bassplayerpapabear @chile-bear-de  

 I've had Grim Dawn for awhile but just started playing it a bit ago.  Hit me up on steam sometime. ( friend code 15607487 )

8 months ago

Any TOTAL WAR guys out there? 

Total War: Warhammer 2 Reviews and Ratings - TechSpot 
8 months ago
@hwbear  Total War was my JAM back in the day, man. Rome I, Medieval II, Shogun 2, and Arena were my favorites.

Since my main HDD is toast I've been playing a ton of OpenRA (original Red Alert) recently with some friends since it takes up no space.

If anyone wants to join in sometime let me know, one of the guys I play with is a bear on here already.

8 months ago
Dead Cells on the Switch. Love that game. Lord help me, the Update of Plenty ...
7 months ago

Hello fellow bears, 

PC/PS4: Drftmike 

I havent played in a couple weeks because I work long hours nut I'm waiting for diablo 2 remake and diablo 4 to come out at some point, otherwise I play the usual BR games with friends every now and then.   

7 months ago

How we doing Bears?

Anyone play Starcraft 2? I am trying to get back into the multiplayer.

Oh and I also highly recommend Fire Emblem: Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch. Really great story and character development with heavy strategy and RPG elements. It is also highly replayable, with 4 different story archs and dozens of characters.

Keep crushing!

6 months ago
Greetings Bears I play many PC games. The Total war series, Table top simulator and some of the Stronghold games.
5 months ago

been playing a S.T.A.L.K.E.R mod called Anomaly, really enjoying it.  Been looking for some new Horror theme games to play. 

4 months ago
I like to play for a hour or so after work sometimes, my PSN is TreeTrimmerBear , I play mostly apex legends and cod warzone add me anytime :) 
4 months ago
Is there a group of Bears playing Amoung Us? If you haven't played its a blast and super easy to get into even for non-gamers.
4 months ago
@andrew-norris  I just started playing a week ago. It is a lot of fun!
4 months ago
add me for Apex: NotoriousFIG916
4 months ago
do we have a discord?
4 months ago

Mobile Legends (like LoL but on phones). Currently in Legend division. Would like to play with more Bears - get to Mythic.

I used to play PubG.

@brother_sean  There's a bear discord, Bear Island

[EDIT: the old link broke, made a new one]

3 months ago

142950898  add me on steam.. play squad and wargame red dragon, total war guy since medieval 2 

2 months ago

Can I get a new discord invite link ? :) I have 450 games on steam and a 2080 that I use to play pixelated indie games lol.. steam # 51200686

Been playing a bit of Valheim recently with a friend and love the medieval feel of it. Allows for a lot of creativity with building too.

My Steam ID: 76561198062518802

1 month ago


I've had my eye on that game. If you recommend "Viking Rust," I'll pick it up. I just added you on Steam. I'm Judge Goof.

@12ga_Bear Added you back. I'll have to look into Viking Rust. Another recommendation I got recently in the same vein I need to look into is Medieval Engineer. For now I'm quite enjoying Valheim. Like Minecraft it's better with friends, been playing with my buddies back in Ontario

1 month ago

Valheim is viking rust lol. I’ve been trying it out this weekend. It’s fun.

I bounced off Rust years ago because of a couple design decisions, I may look into it again down the road. Valheim feels like a refined version of the same idea, been fun so far. Got a couple settlements, a connecting road, and just beat the Elder (2nd boss) last night. Soon time to move on from Bronze to Iron.

1 month ago

nice, i beat the first boss this morning. Took forever to hunt enough boars for my tanning rack lol

I really like how the game doesn't rush through the leather and bronze phases, seems too many do. Been in the bronze age for a while, and wore troll leather and deer leather armors for quite some time.

Tip for the trolls: keep behind trees and other obstacles while slinging fire arrows at him. Avoid troll caves, not much room to fight ranged in those.

I won't spoil the fun of discovery, but for your own sake only travel across the blue waters at night. Bloody terrifying that first time it happens.