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RIP Veritas Bear

Started by AvocadoBear in Bearers of the Gospel 1 week ago

Hopefully Michael Anthony Ramos AKA Veritas Bear now finds himself in a better place. I wondered what was up when he stopped uploading to bitchute, and then days later, everyone heard the news.  I first heard about his channel back on bearsaloon, and he was a rock solid uploader when it came to Owen Benjamin's dlive, instagram, clips, and cartoons. On the bear trail he also came across as a very generous guy. RIP

"Remembering Veritas Bear | Honoring Michael Ramosh" (15m55s) -

1 week ago

Here's an obituary page where many have written their condolences:


2021-01-11 23:37:42


1 week ago

im behind on BBs streams and listening to 1032 now and got an email notification about this thread, what a synchronicity. Never interacted with him but still had a sadness when I heard he pass. amazing how connected this community is. 

1 week ago

In an email he sent me some months before he passed into the next life, he expressed gratitude about Vox that his wiki could be preserved at Infogalactic after it was removed at Wikipedia:

As you can see in the wiki among many other things, he had Vatican Archive access, and was deplatformed from it in 2016 when the new boys came into power.

Lads, @veritas-bear was a legend.