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NIFB church firebombed for preaching against homosexuality in El Monte California.

Started by AvocadoBear in Bearers of the Gospel 2 months ago

3 weeks ago Pastor Bruce Mejia's church "First Works Baptist Church" was firebombed with what the FBI called an "IED".  Just prior to this a group called “Keep El Monte Friendly” was organizing protests out in front of the church. They had in the past physically assaulted pastor Bruce Mejia, and yelled obscenities to his children while they were walking in and out to their car. At around that very time First Works BC had been planning on  releasing a documentary titled “The Sodomite Deception”, which they decided on releasing early.  His church has since received national news coverage on the MSM, and support from many non-cucked pastors, including various alternative news outlets and figures. Here is his full Sunday afternoon sermon from the same day they were firebombed (52m08s):

 Also link to their documentary “The Sodomite Deception” (2h1m16s):  (720p YouTube Link):

 (480p BitChute Link): ;

 Here's some on the ground footage by a witness:


A parital video compilation of the series of events:



Coverage on "The David Knight Show” (19m2s):  

His interview on InfoWars with Owen Shroyer. Was even was mentioned by the sweaty meatball himself:  


Some local news media coverage:  

Some national news media coverage:  


Complete with a hitpiece titled “How long will hate have to go unanswered after explosion at rabidly antigay church?”:  

The mayor of El Monte even called for a prayer meeting on zoom (now posted to their facebook page), without even inviting pastor Bruce Mejia (the church that was actually bombed), and instead deciding to invite a bunch of cucked pro-LGBT pastors, and non-christian faith leaders: