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She Bears

A group for us wahmens. I have to admit I have selfish reasons for starting this group. I need bear advice about my relationship and as much as I appreciate the male perspective, I think it would be healthy to have a place where we can over share emotionally. 

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Hello, She Bears! I have thought long and hard about what I could contribute to the Bear community, and it’s very clear to me that I can share what I’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy to lea...
Started by BusyBeeBear in She Bears 1 day ago
Anyone interested in sharing their other social media profiles with the intent of inspiring and supporting each other? I've got one Bear friend currently, but this weekend we are gathering with abo...
Started by Danielle in She Bears 2 days ago
Hey Ladies! Just curious how many of you have any like minded friends IRL. I find it so hard to relate sometimes, I care about my friends, but the majority are so brainwashed by the mainstream medi...
Started by lavenderlemonbear in She Bears 1 week ago
Hi y’all! My sperg husband is currently behaving himself. I’ve decided to stay with him officially. It’s a major test of my faith but I’m going to do my best to under his triggers better and then a...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 1 week ago
Hey ladies. All you Mom bears out there- how do you overcome the anxiety about not getting the jabs? It’s almost as bad as the idea of having them. I mean is measles inevitable? Or fairly easy to p...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 1 week ago

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