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A group for us wahmens. I have to admit I have selfish reasons for starting this group. I need bear advice about my relationship and as much as I appreciate the male perspective, I think it would be healthy to have a place where we can over share emotionally. 
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1 year ago
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Started by EnjiBear in She Bears 1 month ago
Evening Bears,I'm hoping for some words of encouragement, advice, or at least some kind of relief through having somewhere to vent. I have been with my boyfriend for almost four years and have chan...
Started by Leah in She Bears 2 months ago
I purposefully left ‘accuser‘ (AKA adversary, deceiver…) in lower case. Please forgive the Youtube link, but it’s the platform Philia Ministries still uses… sharing here as it’s the first in a seri...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 2 months ago
Actually I’m not sure he’s a gamma but he definitely has an anger addiction and fears coronu. He tricked me by being tall and handsome. Another possibility is he is a delta with aspergers. I wish I...
Started by Bianca in She Bears 2 months ago
Hey ladies!I thought it could be a nice idea for us to put together our fav recipes and get it all printed in a book. I use this website pretty frequently for hard copy photo books and the quality ...
Started by BusyBeeBear in She Bears 2 months ago
UPDATE TO BOOK CLUB:WE ARE NOW MEETING ON SKYPE AT 6:30pm Central time on Tuesdays. We are currently on chapter 7 of THE QUEENS CODE  by  Allison Armstrong.  If you are interested please leave mess...

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