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Started by EnjiBear in She Bears 1 month ago
Evening Bears,I'm hoping for some words of encouragement, advice, or at least some kind of relief through having somewhere to vent. I have been with my boyfriend for almost four years and have chan...
Started by Leah in She Bears 2 months ago
I purposefully left ‘accuser‘ (AKA adversary, deceiver…) in lower case. Please forgive the Youtube link, but it’s the platform Philia Ministries still uses… sharing here as it’s the first in a seri...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 2 months ago
Actually I’m not sure he’s a gamma but he definitely has an anger addiction and fears coronu. He tricked me by being tall and handsome. Another possibility is he is a delta with aspergers. I wish I...
Started by Bianca in She Bears 2 months ago
Hey ladies!I thought it could be a nice idea for us to put together our fav recipes and get it all printed in a book. I use this website pretty frequently for hard copy photo books and the quality ...
Started by BusyBeeBear in She Bears 2 months ago
UPDATE TO BOOK CLUB:WE ARE NOW MEETING ON SKYPE AT 6:30pm Central time on Tuesdays. We are currently on chapter 7 of THE QUEENS CODE  by  Allison Armstrong.  If you are interested please leave mess...
Started by Danielle in She Bears 4 months ago
Anyone interested in sharing their other social media profiles with the intent of inspiring and supporting each other? I've got one Bear friend currently, but this weekend we are gathering with abo...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 5 months ago
Hi y’all! My sperg husband is currently behaving himself. I’ve decided to stay with him officially. It’s a major test of my faith but I’m going to do my best to under his triggers better and then a...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 5 months ago
Hey ladies. All you Mom bears out there- how do you overcome the anxiety about not getting the jabs? It’s almost as bad as the idea of having them. I mean is measles inevitable? Or fairly easy to p...
Started by lavenderlemonbear in She Bears 5 months ago
Hey Ladies! Just curious how many of you have any like minded friends IRL. I find it so hard to relate sometimes, I care about my friends, but the majority are so brainwashed by the mainstream medi...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 7 months ago
Just kidding. But in a way it’s true! First I want to apologize for not interacting/ responding to posts. I haven’t had the heart to.I’m so far behind on streams, because everyone’s happiness was c...
Started by Lee in She Bears 7 months ago
hi, i am new on social media so still learning these sites.I enjoyed Mum of Owen book reviews.
Started by Copperbear in She Bears 8 months ago
Hello fellow bearettes. So happy to be on here for a good community of bears. I am single and 36, still crushing for a woman. I left a relationship of 10 years. Good things though; I learned a lot ...
Started by DarkWingsBear in She Bears 8 months ago
Hey ladies! I'm strongly leaning toward homeschooling my oldest coming this fall (maybe my youngest too at some point).  He's going into high school and I'm wondering if anyone has any good high sc...
Started by Miss.Coastalbear in She Bears 9 months ago
Hey Ladies, Would love everyone's input.  :)I am currently planning on getting away for a week or so.  I need a break from some craziness and a week to be on my own and refresh a bit. I was thinkin...
Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 10 months ago
I warned y’all I started this group for selfish reasons. I’m in pain and weirdly, you’re the only humans I trust. Again, he’s probably just a Delta sperg but I couldn’t resist a rhyming title.I pos...
Started by Saffronbear in She Bears 11 months ago
Greetings fellow she-bears and "just a guy with a beard who crushes"
Started by Kimberly in She Bears 1 year ago
Happy Mothers Day to all of the bears out there. May this day have many blessing for you and yours. God Bless.