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My new youtoob channel

Started by Hausfraubear in She Bears 2 weeks ago

Hi y’all! 

My sperg husband is currently behaving himself. I’ve decided to stay with him officially. It’s a major test of my faith but I’m going to do my best to under his triggers better and then avoid them.

Anyways, I have a YouTube channel now through which I plan to reach out and connect with others! Please subscribe to Luna Lovecraft! I’m not good at this yet but it’s about all I can do to maintain my tenuous grip on sanity. Also my small contribution to bear cultire

Started following! Also, I think we live near each other, I'm up in Whatcom!
1 week ago
I love your vids! I’m one of your 2 subs haha,  & just want to encourage you to keep going even though it might seem slow. You have the gift of gab & an interesting gab it is. I will be stalking your channel for those gorgeous bits of wisdom & thought-provokingness that you do so well. Keep crushing bb! (& by bb I don’t mean big bear :D)
1 week ago
Hey, I saw your previous posts and wanted to tell you my story. My husband was an alcoholic, addicted to marijuana and women. He cheated on me when I was pregnant with our 4 year old, he had quit drinking at this point but was still a major ass. I started listening to Jesse Lee Peterson and it made me realize how fallen I was. I started taking my kids to church and he eventually came but was still the same. I asked my pastor what to do and he said, you continue to follow Jesus and don't worry about him, focus on your relationship with Christ and how your kids can have one too. I did and it took maybe a year or so but I'm married to a completely different man and he's got a new wife too. He works 2 jobs, one at home with his own welding business he started this year. When I go out to his shop, he's always listening to Christian music and we always agree on worldly issues like the dumb COVID thing etc. Before, I was trying to be the man in the relationship because I felt he wasn't doing a good job as it. I relinquished most decisions to him now, he takes care of all the finances, I ask his opinion on practically everything and we never fight. He's not perfect and neither am I but things are amazing. I'm not saying any of this applies to you I'm just saying that people can change and it can be better. Keep crushing! Much love to you and your family ❤
6 days ago