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SheBear Recipe Book?

Started by Bianca in She Bears 9 months ago

Hey ladies!

I thought it could be a nice idea for us to put together our fav recipes and get it all printed in a book. I use this website pretty frequently for hard copy photo books and the quality has been great every time;

Let me know if you're keen - I'm thinking we could do a recipe with a picture (if you have one or you're able to take one), and perhaps a little bio with your bear name. 

Once I've put it all together, there's an option on the site to 'share the project' so that you're all able to access and order a copy too :)

If you have any suggestions I'm all ears!


2020-07-17 15:14:43


9 months ago
That sounds cool... I'm in! Love cooking and sharing favourite recipes!
8 months ago
want to be supportive but i have too many books as it is. want to start my own sourdough starter next week. keep crushing but a hardly use recipes mostly cooking for just me. love to see you start this though.
2 months ago

I’m in!! Love it! has this started yet ?

2 months ago

Would love to see a section with Lectin Free recipes for those of us with allergies to lectins (poisons in certain plants).  I have many to contribute!