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Hello from Honey Bear

Started by Honey Bear in Colorado 1 week ago

As young bear, I am so thankful to find this community of like minded individuals. I was born and raised in Denver, CO where the new meaning of masculine is competing to see who can own the most shoes. Everyone is so close minded that at times I get blacklisted for sharing my unique opinion and treated like a disease at the grocery store because I don't wear a mask. Between the inhabitants of what seems like Babylon and the coming change, I have plans to move to the East coast before winter. The city dynamic is changing a lot, and I have a bad feeling things will get much worse. I try to be optimistic but it is better to be prepared. 

Godspeed, HoneyBear 

Hey Honey ;) 

Born in raised in CO as well. Denver no longer feels like part of CO. People are rude, inconsiderate and in a rush. The Springs is still hanging on and many aren't giving into social mask pressure down here. Many apartment buildings going up however and young college liberals are being pumped in by the class load. 

This is my home and my land. I plan on staying and have been eyeing farm-able land in the south-eastern parts Colorado (one of the few areas of Colorado to have enough water for commercial farming). 

Good luck and God Bless, wherever you choose to settle. 

1 week ago


I admire that you are staying where you were planted, protecting your home and land. Colorado is physically beautiful, but can't seem to mentally tune myself to this new "frequency", it's like I run on AM while everyone else is on FM.  I have lived 10 minuets from the city since I was young, as I grew started to take the light-rail into town and found jobs, passed time (more like wasted it) working towards goals that now seem arbitrary to me. 

After a few years started to feel like I had lost my true self.  After the whole lock down, I had realized where my truth was, in planting, raising and harvesting a safe life for my family. I have experienced living in an apartment in the heart of downtown Denver, witnessed first hand how rapidly everything has changed. I am so thankful to be planting roots in an open green space far from dark energies that dense populations and cities possess. It has started to feel so uneasy and unsafe, I have had premonitions in the past that something would occur.
I know the city is no place to be, especially in the coming months/years. Creating a small piece of Beartaria to preserve, provide and protect is the aim. 

There is a lot to learn and I am thankful for my growing family, as well as this new community to trade expereince with. 

The bears are awesome :D I appreciate the warm welcome.

Godspeed, HoneyBear  

1 week ago

Hey HoneyBear,

I moved to CO from the east coast so I understand what it’s like to feel want to get away from some madness. I believe they are more tyrannical in most east coast states as far as the mask goes and some of the stories I’ve heard from friends and family there are horrific. But the coast is way more populated than CO and so it takes a hustle and grind to make it there. It’s a new challenge.  Luckily there are bears and bear minded people everywhere so as long as we connect we don’t have to feel isolated. 

Take care,


6 days ago
just heard Owen read your letter. I knew it was you before he read the name Hahaha. good Logos in all you do
3 days ago